September 20, 2016 Last Updated 12:53 pm

Aquafadas, Scribd, NYT, Bonnier, others release iOS 10 related bug fix app updates

Apple is scheduled to released today its latest version of the macOS, Sierra – meanwhile, developers continue to deal with their mobile apps, releasing iOS 10-related updates in order to fix new bugs

This is usually a busy month in digital publishing circles, what with the release of a new version of iOS from Apple. The release of iOS 10 looks like it, too, will be breaking some apps, just adding annoying bugs to others. So, the App Store continues to fill up with media app updates.

One update, however, that has not yet appeared, involves Apple’s new Lightning EarPods.

apple-dapater-400As you likely know, Apple did away with the headphone jack in its latest edition of the iPhone, introducing yet another Apple-specific adapter. Apple loves adapters. Apparently someone at Apple has a fetish for adapters My desktop drawers are filled with Apple branded adapters, needed because Apple thinks it always knows best. So I have an ethernet adapter because Apple stopped putting ethernet ports in its laptops, a firewire adapter because Apple said firewire was the future, before it said thunderbolt was the future.

Now, the future is for headphones to connect to the lightning port. Only problem is that there is a bug, described as intermittent and random, that effects the new headphones where the volume control because disabled.

Apple says a fix is coming, but I have one questions: what was wrong with the old headphone jack? Oh yeah, there was no need for an adapter.

Except that this reminds me that Apple’s old headphone jack once required an adapter if one was using a third party pair of headphones. That was because of the way Apple once designed its port (they finally fixed that a few years ago).

The latest media updates:


AquafadasViewer-featureAquafadas: The digital publishing platform’s first update for Aquafadas Viewer, their preview app, following the release of iOS 10. This update fixes several bugs including one for the PDF+Native reader.

Scribd: A second iOS 10 related update for the Scribd eBook app, this one fixes a bug that causes the app to freeze when viewing a book with multiple interests.

Tech Companies:

Apple: More apps have been updated including the Apple TV Remote and the older Remote app. The Apple TV Remote had previously been updated following the release of iOS 10 but users complained of new bugs introduced by the update released a week ago. Oddly, Apple is a poor developer of apps for its own mobile operating system, generally less reliable than the iOS team at Google.

Google: Speaking of Google, they have released an update for Google Drive that doesn’t mention iOS 10 but instead says that they have added notifications for when some comments on your file.

Old Media:

popsci-sept16-300Newspaper updates for iOS 10: The New York Times, The Times of London, The Washington Post and The Washington Post Classic for iPad – all updated to fix iOS 10 related bugs.

Future plc: A bug fix update for Professional Photography Magazine to fix a bookmarking issue.

Bonnier: The company’s magazine apps have been updated including Popular Science and Saveur.

New Media:

Flipboard: First post iOS 10 update for Flipboard, listing bug fixes.

chefsfeed-icon-175Chefs Feed: Released last week, this update for the Chefs Feed app adds an iMessage extension so users can share Videos, Lists and Dishes.

Netflix: A second iOS update for Netflix in order to fix bugs.

Zomato: Also a second update for Zomato, the restaurant app, to fix iOS 10 introduced bugs.

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