September 16, 2016 Last Updated 10:19 am

Self-destruct text messaging app ‘Unsend It’ launched into the Apple App Store, Android app t/k

HUNT VALLEY, Maryland – September 15, 2016 – Unsend It is an encrypted messaging app allowing users to unsend, edit & self-destruct text messages at ANY time (even after being read/opened by the recipient). What’s really cool is that only the sender needs the app.

unsend-itNon-users can read and reply to SMS text messages sent from users via the Unsend It app – however, only users have the power to unsend, edit & self-destruct text messages.

This app is fully-loaded with additional features including customizable photo avatars, screen names that you can change on the fly (so you can control what/how your name appears to any recipient when sending a text), PIN-locking, audio messaging, screenshot detection & more!

Unsend It™ is fully-encrypted using industry standard encryption. Once a text message is unsent (or edited), the content is wiped from existence (for both the sender & the recipient).

Fully compatible with iOS 10. Learn more about the app’s features & functionality on

The Android version of ‘Unsend It’ is expected to rollout in late 2016.

Unsend It, LLC is currently looking to raise seed funding for the continued development of our encrypted messaging platform.

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