September 13, 2016 Last Updated 5:04 pm

iOS 10 related app updates flood the App Store

There may have been some issues for those downloading and installing the Apple iOS 10 update today, but Apple seems to have fixed the problem. Meanwhile, developers started to flood the App Store with app updates, most related to making sure their apps were iOS 10 compliant.


Apple: A series of apps were updated including Apple TV Remote, iTunes Movie Trailers, and the iWork programs (Pages, Keynote and Numbers)

unknownAccuWeather: New iOS 10 features added including weather stickers for iMessage, a refreshed Apple Watch design, and ‘Dark Themes’ support on Apple TV.

Google: The YouTube app has added 3D Touch support. Later, Google released an update for its mobile Chrome browser.

Twitter/Periscope: Up to version 1.7 now for the Twitter app. The app now has universal support for the iPad, as well as support for broadcasting into Periscope from any app that supports ReplayKit. Twitter also updated their main app for bug fixes.

Zomato: Still trying to get users to forget Urbanspoon, the update adds iOS 10 compliance, an Apple Maps extension (definitely useful), and a Table Finder, which allows you to pick a time slot and then search for all the tables available. Where I live there is always a table available at McDonalds and Taco Bell, but maybe that is not the case where you live.


Time Inc.: The company got a new CEO today (see here), but I think that was more Q2 earnings related than iOS 10 related. Updates for TIME Magazine, FORTUNE Magazine, Sports Illustrated and other magazine apps were released. (Good job by the Time Inc. developer crew to get these out so quickly.)

Meredith: Their first magazine app update has appeared and its for Eat This, Not That!.

JazzTimes: The jazz magazine’s app still appears under the MAZ Digital account, and probably has to do with platform updates.


Kobo Books: Their app goes to version 8.0, signifying a major release. The apps description doesn’t actually mention iOS 10, though one assumes they tested the app while the new mobile OS was in beta. The update allows readers to filter their Books section, and mark books as finished.


Adobe: Photoshop Lightroom for iPad was updated to add support for the DNG format, as well as bug fixes.

FiLMiC Pro: The photography app has been updated for bug fixes associated with iOS 10.


CBC News: The app for the Canadian broadcaster has been updated for iOS 10.

CBS Local: The app for local radio has been updated to fix bugs. Interestingly, the app description says “All users must update by October 1st.” Why users “must” update is not mentioned. Odd, right.

ESPN: Now on version 5.3 and proudly proclaiming “built for iOS 10.” Lots in this one including the ability to share scores through iMessage, a restyled widget to match the look and feel of iOS 10, 3D Touch features.

Netflix: Bug fixes.

TuneIn Radio: Version 10.7 support iOS 10, the app descriptions says.

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