September 7, 2016 Last Updated 4:39 pm

Apple introduces the iPhone 7 – but you knew that, didn’t you?

Another year, another new iPhone, but it will be hard for many consumers (or publishers) to get very worked up about a new adapter, or a new set of headphones

There is no question that this website is closely tied to Apple. It was launched in January 2010 knowing that right around the corner Apple would launch their first tablet, and that tablet was already getting the attention of publishers like Bonnier and Time Inc. that believed that their magazine could, maybe, just migrate to the new digital device, and they wanted to be ready.

Also happening in early 2010 was the real beginnings of the migration to mobile. The iPhone had been launched in 2007, and the App Store in 2008. But it took a few years for publishers to decide that it was worth their while to launch mobile apps.


Since 2010, TNM has tracked iPad sales, as well as new digital publication apps.

But the world has certainly changed since 2010. Apple killed off the Newsstand, publishers who embraced interactive digital editions abandoned them for PDFs, and iPad sales have declined quarter over quarter for the past ten quarters.

With all that in mind, and taking into account that the fact that most consumers have stopped upgrading their iPhones reliably every two years, the introduction of a new iPhone just doesn’t seem that important to me anymore.

But, if you really are interested, you know you can learn more about the new iPhone from every single tech site out there.

What some readers of TNM really wanted to hear today was whether there was something important for them to pay attention to.

I’d say yes, it be the new camera inside the iPhone 7 Plus.


Unfortunately, more and more newspapers are laying off their professional photographers and relying on their reporters to shoot photographs and video. This is a terrible and tragic development. It dismisses the amount talent and professionalism needed to be a great news photographer.

That being said, the better the camera and the photos that result from the new iPhone, the better the content. If I was in the market for a new phone this year, I’m not, the new iPhone 7 Plus would get my attention.

Some on my Twitter timeline wanted to hear about an iBooks Author update. That they were disappointed should not have been a surprise. There is only so much time, so even if Apple did have an update coming they certainly wouldn’t have talked about today.

Whether it was the eBooks fight with the DOJ, or the lack of interest in publishing by Apple executives, but Apple has moved on. But, unfortunately, Apple’s competitors at Google and Amazon have not filled the gap.

Lastly, September 16 is the day Apple will launch iOS 10. That will, of course, mean that we’ll be seeing iOS 10 related app updates coming through between now and the end of the year.

Update: Apple sent out notices to developers today to get their apps ready for iOS 10. With the open beta program my guess that many more developers are ready than they have been in the past, but we’ll see.

  • Wojciech Szywalski 1 year ago

    iPhone’s better camera is definitely a must have this days. Regarding iOS 10 it looks more fun, and when it comes to compatibility our apps for magazine publishers are iOS 10 ready.

    From my perspective, the announcement of sponsored links in App Store looks very interesting.