September 6, 2016 Last Updated 10:00 am

NYT reports lawyer at center of Hogan and Trump lawsuits now threatening New York magazine

According to the report, a letter was sent to the magazine asking them to preserve materials used in the stories authored by Gabriel Sherman on the former Fox News executive

The lawyer from the Hulk Hogan case, Charles Harder, apparently has a new client: Roger Ailes. According to a report in The New York Times, a letter was sent to New York magazine asking them to preserve documents related to the stories published about the former Fox News executive.

NYMag-Sept3-18-cover-300Harder just last week filed a case against Daily Mail Online and a blogger related to a story published about Melania Trump, wife of the Republican candidate for president. Harder previously was involved in the Hulk Hogan case which resulted in a massive jury award that forced Gawker Media into bankruptcy. Just last month Univision won a bankruptcy auction for many of the Gawker Media brands, though not the main website which was shuttered at the end of August.

This threat of a lawsuit follows the publication of a series of stories authored by Gabriel Sherman, including a cover story in the most current issue.

(Digital magazine readers will be forced to read Sherman’s story in print or online as the New York magazine app is a crashing mess.)

While it is assumed that Sherman and the magazine did its job to make sure it wouldn’t be open to a lawsuit, it is also possible that Harder really wants to have access to material related to Ailes for use in his current troubles in other cases.

If the NYT is correct, and Harder is working for Ailes, this would be the third such case involving those close to Donald Trump. In the Hulk Hogan case, Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel was found to be funding the legal efforts. Thiel ended up with a prime speaking spot at Trump’s Republican convention. Then Harder filed the case on behalf of the candidate’s wife. And now Harder may be working with Ailes, who is said to be consulting for Trump.

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