September 1, 2016 Last Updated 12:55 pm

MagNet’s magazine newsstand report continues to show declines

Newsstand sales in the US, according to MagNet, continued to decline in the second quarter of this year, falling 6.4 percent, 4.4 percent in Canada. The company’s forecast was as gloomy as its latest numbers.

“It is MagNet’s opinion that due to the continual sales decline of the weekly celebrity title category, as well as the women’s category, where many publishers who operate in that space have landed on a business strategy that includes providing cheap subscription prices to consumers to prop up their rate bases, we will never again see overall sales numbers on the newsstand grow in units or dollars,” the company said.

magnet-totals-580Source: MagNet

As predicted here, the pain is not being evenly spread out, with some leading titles continuing to do well. The reason for this is that as media fragments, fewer titles will report good numbers, but the leading titles can thrive, even in a depressed magazine sales environment.

“In fact, in the first ½ of 2016, there were 136 titles that released at least four issues this year, and the same number of releases last year, that grew both their unit and dollar sales. Collectively, their sales were up 8.7% in units and 11.5% in dollars,” MagNet said.

Of the big magazine publishers, Time Inc. saw its sales revenue fall 3.7 percent, Bauer 7.0 percent. But it was American Media (-10/9%), Hearst (-10.9%), Meredith (-16.2%) and Wenner Media (-20.5%) that saw the biggest percentage declines. Condé Nast actually saw a small revenue gain (0.4%).

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