August 31, 2016 Last Updated 8:45 am

Minnesota ad agency says traditional channels beating digital platforms at driving qualified customers

Marketing Architects claims TV and radio advertising perform better than digital counterparts in increasing web traffic, generating more quality leads

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn – August 31, 2016 — Using its proven methods, Marketing Architects finds traditional channels are beating digital platforms at driving qualified customers and changing the way consumers interact with brands.

Navigating the digital landscape is exciting, but it can also be challenging – especially for marketers who understand the critical need to reach the targeted consumer. While many marketers are using Facebook advertising to increase site traffic, Marketing Architects found that television surpasses the digital platform in driving quality leads.

By testing digital and traditional channels together, the Minneapolis-based agency discovered that TV and radio advertising perform better than their digital counterparts in increasing web traffic and ultimately generating more quality leads. While platforms like Facebook can drive a lot of clicks and engagements, their conversion quality remains low because the traffic they’re driving comes from unqualified customers. However, leveraging television to drive informed consumers to a website can actually double the number of quality leads. For example, the agency launched a television campaign with corresponding Facebook ads to promote Stuffies, a stuffed animal with seven pockets. Marketing Architects saw a conversion to sales ratio of 2:1 – a ratio seen across all of Marketing Architects’ advertisers.

“We were excited about the prospect of using Facebook as a sales growth channel for our Stuffies campaign,” said Jeff Clement, Chief Analytics Officer at Marketing Architects. “We built a solid brand from our prior years of marketing on TV and radio, and we wanted to expand on that by tapping into the audience potential on Facebook. But we found that even if we spent 10 times more in offline media, we would still gain a higher ROI than from dollars spent on Facebook – regardless of message, offer or segmented audience.”

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