August 22, 2016 Last Updated 10:52 am

Tapas adds landscape reading to its iPhone app, hopes to squash some bug issues

The app remains iPhone only, but the addition of the landscape orientation may help when the time comes to port the app over to the iPad

As mentioned in previous posts, the move to a mobile-first approach to app building has had some odd consequences. For one thing, what does a tablet version look like when that version if finally produced, is it just a larger view of the mobile app, or is it redesigned to take into account the larger display?

Tapas-iPhone-introAt least one eBook platform is still only offering an iPhone app, no iPad. But today it updated its app to begin offering landscape reading. This should, I would think, make creating an interesting iPad version easier.

Tapas, or Tapas – Books, Comics, and Stories on the Go if you prefer the full name, today updated its app to version 3.1.6. Some developers like to use nice round numbers to signify big changes, some obviously don’t.

Besides the addition of landscape reading, the app also fixed some bugs. This app was just updated on August 10 and a number of reviews in iTunes point to some problems that were introduced. Hopefully this takes care of them

Here is the update information:

What’s New in Version 3.1.6
▸ You can now rotate your screen to read books and comics in landscape if you prefer a wider view. Please note the rest of the app is still portrait-only for now.CREATOR SUPPORT
▸ Ads now appear after episodes of free comic series, to help support creators who participate in our ad revenue program.

▸ We squashed a few bugs and made some minor UI improvements.

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