August 22, 2016 Last Updated 7:22 am

Barbra calls Tim about fixing Siri; Pacific Magazines shutters four print titles including Prevention

Morning Brief: Rodale may announce a new publisher for the Australian edition of Prevention after PacMags announces that it will close the title, along with Practical Parenting, Your Garden and Bride to Be

The Olympic games are over, and sadly that means the return of two endless, and endlessly depressing news memes: the next iPhone, and the November election.

September means an iPhone event, along with the release of new Mac and iOS software. Shockingly, the Apple rumor sites are not screaming about the Barbra Streisand leak. If you haven’t heard of this through a tech site, you will soon enough.


It appears that the singer and actress is tired of Siri mispronouncing her name, Supposedly Siri likes to pronounce her name with the second “S” hard rather than soft. So, being an iPhone user, she decided to call the head guy to get this fixed, Apple CEO Tim Cook. According to an NPR interview, Cook told Streisand that he would fix this, and the fix would come on September 30.

Maybe that date was mentioned as it is the last day of the month, so it is a way to say “by the end of September” – or it is an actual date. Quite a number of tech sites expect the event to be held on September 7, and that would be a nice date to introduce the iPhone 7, right? But if that is the date then Apple better get those invites out today or tomorrow. Otherwise, expect the date to slip a week or two.

For tech sites, iPhone rumors are the Taboola of news items, clickbait in the extreme, so from now until the event you will not be able to escape it. Sorry.

Then there is the election. Oh God. We are still 77 days from the November election. Has there ever been a more depressing presidential election?

But soon it will get worse as we get close to the debates – assuming there are to be any.

The latest polls show a tightening race nationally, which will only encourage more craziness. Time to get my “US out of North America” political pin out again.

As you may have heard, Rodale made a radical decision regarding its magazine Prevention – it would go ad-free beginning with its July issue. A couple of months later it then announced that Barbara O’Dair would be Prevention’s new editor. O’Dair had been the executive editor of Reader’s Digest for the past eight years, and one assumes that gig was coming to an end because moving to Prevention is seen as being quite a gamble.

prevention-Au-300But Rodale hasn’t completely given up on the franchise. One sign of this is that it will be taking over its franchise in Australia. Whether it really wants to do this, or is being somewhat forced into it by a decision made by Pacific Magazines is unknown.

Today, Pacific Magazines announced that it would be shuttering two titles completely, Prevention and Your Garden, and going digital-only with Practical Parenting and Bride to Be.

“The decision for Pacific to cease publishing these titles in print has not been an easy one. We are very sad to say goodbye to the talented staff and friends whom are affected by today’s changes,” CEO Peter Zavecz said.

“Our portfolio changes are designed to focus Pacific on its key consumer brands and categories and to build a stronger business, more able to provide outstanding multi-platform content experiences for our audiences and successful outcomes for our clients.”

Pacific Magazines had already taken Prevention to bi-monthly, and now its November/December issue will be the last one it publishes. According to PacMags, the licence to publish Prevention goes back to Rodale come January 2017 and so Rodale can announce a new publisher for the magazine soon, assuming it can come up with one.

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