August 8, 2016 Last Updated 8:14 am

There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues: Delta Airlines grounds all flights; the aging Japanese emperor wants a break

Morning Brief: Thanks to a power outage in Atlanta, all Delta flights have been grounded. and the airline is offering vouchers to passengers with flights this week

If you are expecting a family member or friend today to come into town via a Delta Airlines flight you should know that they won’t be arriving as Delta says that all flights have been grounded around the globe due to a system outage.

delta-grounded“A power outage in Atlanta, which began at approximately 2:30 a.m. ET, has impacted Delta computer systems and operations worldwide, resulting in flight delays. Large-scale cancellations are expected today,” Delta said in a statement.

“All flights en route are operating normally.” (Thank goodness for that.)

Delta said they haves published a waiver for customers traveling today through August 12.

Amaterasu_cave-200Also, today, word came that the emperor of Japan is hinting that he’d like to step down. Sounds reasonable to me, the man is 82 and would like to retire. Give the man a break.

The problem, of course, is that the emperor of Japan is said to be the direct descendants of the sun-goddess Amaterasu, and gods simply don’t retire. Another complicator is that the emperor is forbidden to speak about politics thanks to the constitution put in place by the American following World War II, so he had to speak about such things vaguely, hinting that the parliament should change the rules to accommodate this eventuality.

Odd, but it at least is better than the situation in the UK, where an otherwise modern society continues to support the monarchy, knowing that the only real role of the royal family is to mooch on the general public. This is 2016, right?

Why is TNM writing about canceled flights and monarchs that could use a break? Because we have really hit the summer dog days now. The Summer Olympics are now on, and TNM doesn’t have the desire to talk about synchronized swimming.

But the world of publishing, at least here in the States, does not take a vacation. News Corp will be reporting earnings after the bell this afternoon, and TNM won’t have a vacation until next summer (Italy is the destination).

So, get back to work you dogs, there is no rest for the wicked. What do you think this is, Europe or something?

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