August 5, 2016 Last Updated 6:51 am

Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics tonight, please say this means a respite from politics for a few days?

Just in time for the games to begin, NBC Sports updates its mobile app and makes its Olympic games content open to all users

The work week is coming to an end. Phew. Really, this was quite the week. At it start Donald Trump was flailing away trying to get out from under several self-made controversies, digging himself into a hole. By week’s end he was using a backhoe to make the hole bigger. Incredible.

But, maybe, maybe, things will take a break. Tonight is the Opening Ceremonies for the Summer Olympics, and if he is smart he’ll take two weeks off of the campaign trail and regroup. But first he has a campaign stop in Green Bay, about 3 hours up the road from TNM headquarters. He’ll be there with his running mate, but not the state’s Republican governor, nor its Republican Senator, nor the Speaker of the House, all are avoiding the event. One last chance for a headline before the athletes take the spotlight.

NBCSports-iconSpeaking of the Olympics, NBC Sports has updated its app in the past 24 hours. The updates makes a change for users where they can rotate their device to make the content viewable in portrait. More importantly, the Olympic content has been opened up, I guess meaning that users won’t have to sign into their cable provider account to gain access.

Other updates include one for the Quartz app. The update now allows readers to share the site’s GIFs.

The final update I am seeing this morning is from Google, which has been updating its portfolio of apps, maybe one more time before the release of iOS 10. The YouTube Music update says it now makes it easier for YouTube Red subscribers to remove songs from their offline playlists.

I would hardly call this big news, but at least it comes with a photo!

PrimeAir-400Amazon has introduced its first branded cargo plane. No, the plane doesn’t say “Bezos” on its side like you-know-know who would do. Instead, it says “Prime Air” – and the Boeing 767-300, operated by Amazon’s air cargo provider Atlas Air, will be flying in the Seafair Air Show this weekend.

Creating an air transportation network is expanding our capacity to ensure great delivery speeds for our Prime members for years to come,” said Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide operations. “I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate the inaugural flight than in our hometown at Seafair alongside Amazon employees and Seattle residents.”

I don’t know how exciting seeing a cargo plane at an airshow would be for most aviation enthusiasts, but there you have it.

Oh, in case you missed it, the Summer Olympics actually kicked off a couple of days ago with the US Women’s team beating New Zealand 2-0 in the opening match of the soccer competition. The Men’s team didn’t qualify… again.

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