July 20, 2016 Last Updated 4:22 pm

Platform app updates for Kindle, WordPress and iTunes Connect

There were a number of app updates of interest to publishers in the past day or two. Here is a quick rundown:

iTunes Connect: Apple doesn’t release that many updates to its own iOS apps, especially compared to Google, who seems a more enthusiastic developer for iOS than Apple. This update addresses a problem where users are required to sign-in frequently, and improves the data uploading within Trends.

Kindle: Amazon’s iOS app was been updated to make changes to Goodreads auto-updating (US only) and to make changes to Page Flip.

WordPress: I think this is a follow-up to last week’s update that involved the media library and improvements to the ability to update one’s profile. This one involves a crash fix.

Other media apps:

StarTouch by Toronto Star: Minor improvements to the app, which is now at version 2.1.1. This is the only other app (that I am aware of) currently using the LaPresse+ platform.

HBO GO: This app just skipped some version numbers, going from 4.0 to 6.0, all in four weeks. The version brings in a redesigned Series page, and fixes some bugs.

Little White Lies: I didn’t write about the big update for this UK magazine when it was updated on July 14. That update was for performance improvements and a redesign. This one improves the typography and style fixes, Quick note: the digital edition is great, but the print edition is something else again, wonder paper stock, makes me jealous as all my magazines were always printed on such crappy, thin stock.

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