July 20, 2016 Last Updated 10:35 am

Lucifer gets a shoutout at the GOP convention; Apple’s troubles in China continue; Roger Ailes remains at Fox News for now

Morning Brief: Second day of the Republican conventions sees delegates formerly nominating Donald Trump as their candidate, which amazingly wasn’t the craziest thing that happened last night

The Republican National Convention is now half way over. If that isn’t a reason to celebrate I don’t know what is.

Last night continued some of the themes of night one: imprisoning one’s political rivals and plagiarism.


But added to the fun was Lucifer.

I’m not sure a political convention in the past has included the claim that one’s rival was in league with the devil, but last night Ben Carson went there, in a rather head scratching, off the rails, but mercifully short, speech.

One of the things that I have learned about Hillary Clinton is that one of her heroes, her mentors, was Saul Alinsky. Her senior thesis was about Saul Alinsky. This was someone that she greatly admired and that affected all of her philosophies subsequently. Now, interestingly enough, let me tell you something about Saul Alinsky. He wrote a book called “Rules For Radicals”. On the dedication page, it acknowledges Lucifer, the original radical who gained his own kingdom. Now think about that. This is a nation where our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, talks about certain inalienable rights that come from our creator. This is a nation where our Pledge of Allegiance says we are “one nation, under God”. This is a nation where every coin in our pocket and every bill in our wallet says “In God We Trust”. So are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model somebody who acknowledges Lucifer? Think about that.

OK, I’ll think about that.

OK, I’ve thought about that. You need to see a doctor, doctor.

apple-iPhone-china-400Thanks to the dispute with China over territorial waters in the South China Sea, UA companies such as KFC and Apple are facing a backlash and boycott threats in China.

Protests have taken place at KFC locations, forcing the police protect the stores. Videos and photos also show some Chinese smashing iPhones as a way of protesting against the US for encouraging the Philippines to take China to court (and eventually win its claim).

I always find these iPhone smash-up fun, like that guy who likes to blend things. Because after the person has had their fun hammering away at their iPhone, they are left with what? The realization that they have just smashed their expensive cell phone.

Somehow people smashing their iPhones reminds me of the GOP convention: it is nonsensical, sometimes fun to watch, sometimes frightening, and ultimately self-destructive.

But Apple really does have a problem in China. It knows its future success is tied to growth markets, but China was something else in return, the ability to produce its own products, under its own name. This is what other manufacturers have discovered after entering the market. It is a dead-end.

Apple reports earnings on Tuesday of next week, and investor expectations have now moderated to the point that it is highly likely that the report will be better than many have forecast. But that China sales number will be interesting to see. Last quarter sales in China fell 26 percent. The good news is that beating bad numbers is certainly easier than good ones.

NYPost-7-20-16-300The media remains on Roger Ailes watch this morning as the CEO of Fox News negotiates his exit from the company.

Parent company 21st Century Fox has been conducting an internal investigation into charges leveled by fired anchor Gretchen Carlson that the 76 year old television executive sexually harassed her. Carlson’s accusations have been backed up by at least six other former Ailes employees, and yesterday it was reported by Gabriel Sherman of New York magazine that Megyn Kelly told company investigators that she, too, was harassed.

The Drudge Report, the right-wing website that for years has looked like it was designed using iWeb, first reported that Ailes was out and that he received a $40 million golden parachute, but later modified its headline (that was without a link to an actual story) to read that negotiations for an exit were ongoing.

Sherman confirmed that and now it is only a matter of time, unless Ailes can convince Rupert Murdoch to throw his kids overboard rather than him. That’s highly unlikely.

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