July 20, 2016 Last Updated 10:55 am

Digital Associates launches first product, Domain Discovery, a domain tracking solution

In many organizations, the domain registration process is unstructured making tracking domains tricky and oftentimes unmanageable

NEW YORK, NY – July 20, 2016 — Digital marketing technology company Digital Associates announced today the launch of Domain Discovery, a groundbreaking software solution tracking 88 million global companies and more than 200 million registered domains.

In many organizations, the domain registration process is unstructured making tracking domains tricky and oftentimes unmanageable.

Domain Discovery’s reverse “whois” engine makes it possible to track down any and all domains registered to a particular company. It utilizes all of the corporate-related data in its database to accurately determine each of the domains that are registered to a given company and offers insight into the different ways a company completes its registrations. This capability is unique and is critical to helping a company understand its domain footprint.

“Imagine a company tries to register a particular domain and finds it is already taken,” said Russell Artzt, founder and CEO of Digital Associates. “The company notices that the website content looks very much like their own brands and trademarks. They get their legal department involved, however, only to find out that the domain was registered to a newly acquired subsidiary. The company was concerned that a fraud was going on, and they were close to going to considerable expense to fight it,” said Artzt. “They had no idea that they owned it all along. This is an example of the chaos in the digital world. It’s extremely difficult to track everything, everywhere, and to fully understand what you really have.”

Domain Discovery was designed specifically for this purpose. Its robust database has a detailed understanding of the corporate structure of 88 million companies – identifying each company’s C-level staff, its business units and subsidiaries, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Domain Discovery can also be used to track competitors’ digital environments, providing customized business intelligence at a fraction of the cost of traditional market analyses.

“It is a chaotic digital world,” said Artzt. “Corporations change every day. Reorganizations happen every day. There is a constant flow of new technologies, new subsidiaries, new data, all the time. We have created a process, at a very reasonable price point, that enables you to understand what you have, understand what your competitor has and track how those assets change,” he added. “Then we help you create a plan to maximize your digital spend and master your digital environment.”

Domain Discovery is available to order now on the Digital Associates website.

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