July 15, 2016 Last Updated 2:20 pm

Three media death notices: Hill Now, This and Examiner.com

Two independent start-ups, along with a content platform backed by Denver-based billionaire Phil Anschutz which depended on contributors, have announced that it’s time

This has been a bad day for media properties as at least three media properties have announced that they are shutting down.

“We have reached the end of our journey together, at least for now. After almost two years and more than 2,600 posts later, Hill Now will cease publication today and for the foreseeable future,” wrote co-editors Andrew Ramonas and Tim Regan.

HeaderLogo4“Under the leadership of Sean Meehan, Andrew Ramonas, Tim Regan and Andrea Swalec, the hyperlocal news website area covered the good, and the bad, of the Capitol Hill area since October 2014.”

The two editors had plenty of press experience before launching Hill Now: Regan covered local news, restaurants, oddities and the arts for Washington Post Express, Washington City Paper and Thrillist, while Ramonas previously worked for The National Law Journal, Corporate Counsel and Mainjustice.com.

“Well this sucks to write: This. will go offline at the end of the month,” wrote Andrew Golis, Founder and CEO of This.cm.

The website had been seeking funding support, but could not close on a deal.

“In the last few weeks and days, we’ve entertained a few very flattering conversations with other companies about bringing our work there. But none have come with the scale of commitment that would allow us to attack this huge opportunity with new energy,” Golis said.

This., like Hill Now, had a small team behind the project: Andrew Golis had previously been with The Atlantic and had worked at Talking Points Memo; Zebulon Young was/is Head of Engineering, working out of the Somoma wine country in Sebastopol, CA; and Mayukh Sen, a recent Stanford grad, served as Editorial Director.

The third property actually announced its demise a week or so ago. The online platform at Examiner.com shutdown this week.

“Media consumption has transformed dramatically over the years and our content initiatives have shifted with business priorities,” said an e-mail sent to contributors.

The property was able to attract a lot of traffic, but not a lot of revenue, apparently – a lesson to those traditional publishers who think getting lots of eye balls alone is the answer to digital media.

Examiner.com was powered by what the company called “Examiners, thousands of writers who are self-motivated independent contributor.” The company’s big selling point to contributors, or Examiners, was “exposure”. (For a lesson in the value of “exposure” I recommend watching The Revenant.)

The company will now shift its focus to original live entertainment content on AXS.com.

  • Scott Brodbeck 1 year ago

    To be clear, Hill Now is shutting down but we have three other local news properties in the D.C. area. Tim and Andrew are still here… now they get to focus their energies on our faster-growing D.C. site, Borderstan.