July 13, 2016 Last Updated 9:28 am

Time Inc. reorganization: Evelyn Webster leaving the company, US sales teams report to Mark Ford

All media brands will now report into Rich Battista, while the US sales teams will be broken out into three areas, including a new dedicated digital sales team

A little over six months into the year that was supposed to show revenue growth, Time Inc. has announced another reorganization. The reorg includes both sales and editorial, as well as some likely “efficiencies”.

The U.S. sales team will now be divided into three groups. each reporting into Time Inc. veteran Mark Ford, Chief Revenue Officer Global Advertising: category sales, which sells across magazine titles; brand sales, the magazine specific teams; and a new digital ad team, designed to provide digital expertise and support to the other two teams.

TimeMag-cover-7-16-300Ironically, Time had been recruiting digital ad expertise, but the hires got lost in the Time Inc. morass and were mostly discarded in previous rounds of layoffs. It is unlikely that the creation of the new digital ad team will actually mean any hires, but simply moving personnel around, some from the properties recently acquired by the company.

On the editorial side, Alan Murray, editor of Fortune, will succeed Norman Pearlstine as the company’s Chief Content Officer, but rather than being part of the executive team, Murray will report into Rich Battista, President, Entertainment & Sports Group and Video.

Battista, who has been on the rise, is the last man standing, so to speak. His counterpart, Evelyn Webster, will be leaving the company at the end of August. Webster came to Time Inc. through the UK side of the business that is unaffected by these moves (though there are rumors that if Time Inc. doesn’t make its numbers it is possible that they will divest Time Inc. UK).

“Evelyn has been a vital member of the Time Inc. team for more than two decades,” CEO Joe Ripp said in a memo to staff. “At Time Inc. UK, she rose through the organization to become CEO. More recently, she led business operations for 20 US brands that reached more than 100 million consumers. We thank Evelyn for her many contributions throughout her years of service to Time Inc.”

Norm Pearlstine will not be leaving the company completely, remaining on board as Vice Chairman, focusing on international growth opportunities for Time Inc.’s brands.

Earlier this year, the company began its move towards category sales, with a number layoffs resulting from that decision. The company has also sold off the This Old House brand, and earlier closed down All You.

Ripp earlier this year promised revenue growth this year of between 1 and 5 percent.

“The North Star of Time Inc. is rebuilding the company for revenue growth,” Ripp told analysts a conference call in February. “In fact, we currently estimate we will achieve revenue crossover in 2016.”

Time Inc. reports earnings on August 4.

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