July 12, 2016 Last Updated 12:43 pm

New digital edition apps from The New European, Photography by National Geographic Traveller

Two new apps, one for a new ‘pop-up’ newspaper create to appeal to those who voted ‘Remain’, another that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the travel photography from National Geographic Traveller (UK)

There were a couple new digital publication apps released into the Apple App Store recently, and I thank PageSuite and Pugpig for bringing them to my attention.

TNE-iPhone6-380The New European is a newly launched newspaper for those who voted ‘Remain’ in the recent Brexit vote – Vice meanly called it “Britain’s Sore Loser Newspaper.”

Published by Archant, a publisher headquartered in Norwich, England, The New European is edited by Matt Kelly, formerly at The Daily Mirror and Local World.

“Creating an app to run alongside the print version of the paper was an important element of the launch for us but we needed to move very quickly,” said Chris Scarle, Digital Magazines Manager at Archant. “We managed to go from concept to live on the App Stores in just four days, making this our quickest app launch so far. This enabled us to have both the Android and iOS apps live on the day of launch, increasing exposure and giving our readers the choice of how to access”.

The app, using PageSuite, delivers a replica of the print edition, which is a ‘pop-up’ paper because right now only four issues are planned, with more coming depending on reader response.

Both this new app, as well as the one discussed below, work on both the iPhone and iPad, though reading a PDF replica on a smartphone always presents challenges, of course.

The app from National Geographic Traveller (UK) is something completely different. It, too, works on both phones and tablets, but the new app is designed for digital first and so delivers a different reading experience.

NatGeoUK-photoOfficially given the rather long name of Photography by National Geographic Traveller (UK): tips, tricks and tutorials from experts in travel photography, the app, built using the Pugpig digital publishing platform, delivers different layouts and therefore different font sizes depending on the device. I thought the font a tad small for the iPad mini, but then again my eyes are failing me.

“Welcome to the National Geographic Traveller Photography Magazine, which looks at some of the photos that bring our features to life. As well as the story behind each snap, there’ll be handy tips and tricks from the photographers who took them,” editor Tamsin Wressell writes in the first issue.

“We’ll also be quizzing the experts to gain an insight into the photography business, providing step-by-step tutorials to help you get that killer shot, and helping you enhance images post-production.”

Jon Marks, CTO and co-founder of Kaldor which owns the Pugpig platform said that the company “wanted to ensure that the Photography Magazine app would do justice to their fantastic content, especially their beautiful imagery.”

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