July 11, 2016 Last Updated 12:28 pm

UK free tab Metro releases a new version of its digital edition app

The new Metro app gives readers two issues every weekday, which can be downloaded automatically, though the app does not appear to give readers a way to delete old issues

The British tabloid Metro, owned by DMG Media, publisher of The Daily Mail, recently relaunched their digital edition app, switching to the Pugpig digital publishing platform.

Metro, for those outside the UK unaware, is a free tabloid, launched in London in early 1999, and now found in many cities throughout the UK. It is, in essence, a commuter paper.

Metro-iPad-main“This has to be our biggest launch to date, and possibly the most exciting. Together with the Metro team and our friends at Clock, we’ve built an outwardly looking simple, yet incredibly sophisticated app using our standard off the shelf Pugpig product. And by tightly integrating with their own editorial system, the Metro team is now able to publish content faster and at lower cost than ever before,” said Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder of Kaldor, owner of the Pugpig platform.

The new app allows readers to read the paper in both portrait and landscape, with a mobile first approach to the page designs. The reader is first presented with the library page where they download individual issues, which load fast and are¬†modest in size (today’s issue is 31.5 MB for the iPad, about 15 MB on the iPhone).

Metro has integrated responsive jigsaws, crosswords and advertisements into their editions by working with third party companies such as Puzzler and Specle.

Metro-iPhone6-380I did not see the old app, so my own opinion is that the native digital editions are easy to read and look like they would work well on both a tablet or smartphone. The app is available not only for iOS devices, but Android, as well. There is also a web version available.

Early reader reviews in the UK version of the Apple App Store are split. Many of the reviews are 5-stars, with readers very happy with the new app. One reader points out that both a morning and afternoon edition are now available through the app, while another calls it their favorite newspaper app, much better than the app from The Daily Mail.

Other, less complimentary reviews, complain of the constant scrolling, with some preferring the more old-fashioned newspaper look of the old app.

One complaint that did seem to ring true was that they found no way to delete old editions. I did not see anything under Settings in the app, nor Settings on my device, that let me delete editions. Since some would want to leave turned on the automatic downloading of issues, this will cause problems for readers with storage issues. (And since we all know how cheap Apple is when it comes to storage, that means an eventual problem for many readers using an iPhone or iPad.)

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