July 11, 2016 Last Updated 1:11 pm

BNP Media forms new Food-Beverage-Packaging Group from existing 12 brands

Reorganization is said to be part of the B2B media company’s ‘Go-to-Market Strategy’ thaty looks to improve the integration and delivery of marketing and data solutions

TROY, MI – July 11, 2016—BNP Media today announced the formation of a new FOOD | BEVERAGE | PACKAGING GROUP (FBP), aligning 12 existing BNP Media brands serving these manufacturing processes industries.  This new, enhanced customer-centric service model ‑ a “Go-to-Market Strategy” ‑ will exponentially improve the integration and delivery of BNP Media’s marketing and data solutions across multiple media and subject categories.

The new strategy will help existing and prospective BNP Media clients find new and better ways to identify and influence their targeted customers. The realigned group launched July 8.

BNP-FdPk“This reorganization is driven by the impulse to follow our clients on their journey to the various markets they are interested in,” says John Schrei, BNP Media Publishing Director. “It frees our account experts to cross marketing disciplines, and drives our internal brands toward more comprehensive and effective marketing of products and data solutions.”

The realignment and new service model reflect a more powerful deployment of BNP Media resources and skills, as well as industry trends, according to Michael Leonard, Strategic Account Leader of BNP Media FOOD | BEVERAGE | PACKAGING GROUP.

Leonard describes three core challenges the new Go-to-Market Strategy meets:

  • Consolidated industries among manufacturers and their key vendors are seeking more sophisticated, data-driven ways to identify, conduct and verify marketing alliances.
  • The understanding that packaging and its subsequent integration are primary drivers of product success and consumer reaction for food and beverage products.
  • Making better use of BNP Media’s extensive editorial coverage and marketing data and analysis of horizontal and vertical markets within all phases of the food, beverage and packaging industries, including product development and manufacturing.

One of the key forces behind the new alignment and Go-to-Market Strategy is the desire of BNP Media’s existing clients in these industries to make “smarter buys” that reach their intended audiences and generate  more ‑ and better ‑ leads.

Initial response to the new strategy has been overwhelmingly positive. “With this new approach, our company can focus on one audience across multiple BNP brands and publications, reaching management or R&D decision makers at any given time.” says Mike Garrison, President of Remco Products, a Zionsville, Indiana, manufacturer of specialized cleaning and safety product lines for the food manufacturing and processing industries. “The more focused products and [buy] packages BNP Media can offer, the better.”

“Working with account representatives who have a command of their entity’s entire run of publications, web portals and direct digital formats, as well as understanding the company they are pitching to, also is vital,” says Jack Aguero, president of the industry consultant group, Aguero Associates.

“Companies today are not looking for the old way of selling: ‘Here is our product‑do you want to buy it?’,” adds Aguero, also the former Vice President of Marketing for Pro Mach, one of the nation’s largest packaging equipment manufacturers. “Instead, we want to hear ‘What keeps you up at night? How can we come up with innovative ways to grow your brand?’ There’s an opportunity in the marketplace if a firm like BNP Media pursues that approach.”

Leonard agrees, declaring, “We will listen to our customers, identify challenges and bring them customized recommendations along with our proven ability to measure the status and results of these marketing solutions.”

FBP brands include: Beverage IndustryBRANDPACKAGINGCandy Industry, Dairy Foods, Food EngineeringFlexible Packaging, INDUSTRIA ALIMENTICIAThe National Provisioner, Prepared Foods, Packaging Strategies, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods and Snack Food; Wholesale Bakery.

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