July 8, 2016 Last Updated 11:52 am

Marc Lacey named National Editor at The New York Times

Lacey joined the Times in 1999, and was the paper’s first-ever Phoenix Bureau chief

The New York Times today announced a new National Editor, Marc Lacey, who has been associate managing editor at The Times in charge of weekend coverage

Marc Lacey New York TimesLacey joined the Times in 1999, and was the paper’s first-ever Phoenix Bureau chief where he covered immigration issues, among other things. He was also the a White House correspondent during the end of the Bill Clinton administration.

The announcement was made via a staff memo by Executive Editor Dean Banquet.

Executive Editor Dean Banquet writes:

“To the Staff,

I’m delighted to announce that Marc Lacey, one of our most creative leaders, will become National Editor. His remarkable experience as a reporter and editor equip him well to lead one of our most powerful desks at a time of digital transformation.

Marc has ably led our newly established team on race, collaborating with a range of desks and editors to tell the story of race and identity in new forms, including the Race/Related newsletter, the interactive on how views of the police shaped interpretations of body camera videos, and a stream of ambitious stories and social callouts.

As a former foreign correspondent based in Nairobi and Mexico City, and a national correspondent in Phoenix, Marc is already well versed in the domestic and international implications of such varied topics as immigration and drug enforcement. He is a veteran Washington correspondent as well, having covered Congress at The Los Angeles Times and the White House and State Department for us.

As deputy foreign editor and then weekend editor, Marc brilliantly presided over cascades of breaking news and brought his rigorous editing to some of our most ambitious enterprise. Ever calm, collegial and open-minded, he won the affection and loyalty of all who worked with him — especially, but not limited to, bagel fans.

The Times is one of the last news organizations with an extensive network of national bureaus, staffed with reporters who offer daily, on-the-ground dispatches. It is one of the great jewels of our report — as we have seen again this week — and we are lucky to be able to entrust it to Marc.


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