July 6, 2016 Last Updated 2:01 pm

Long list of app updates includes Texture’s update that now allows subscription to be bought in-app

Other apps updated include Mag+ update for Mag+ Designd Reviewer; LaPresse+ update for fixes, and MLB.com At Bat’s update for the All Star Game and Home Run Derby

The Independence Day holiday meant a slight break from app updates, but yesterday afternoon and today saw a huge dump of updates releases. Many were minor bug fix updates, so we’ll concentrate on those that add features.

The digital newsstand app Texture from Next Issue Media updated their iOS app, as previously noted, to add in the ability of readers to buy a subscription in-app. Previously, the app was a reader app, meaning that it would not deliver any magazine issues unless the reader had already signed up for a subscription plan on the company’s website.

Texture-homepage-330The change was bound to happen. If you recall, when this app was first released it appeared first for Samsung tablets and not for the iPad. Finally, in the summer of 2012 the first app for the iPad appeared. At the end of October of 2013 the app then added iPhone support.

The next really big change came with the name change to Texture last fall. With that change the app also changed its look and mission. Rather than only being about delivering digital editions of print magazines, it evolved to an app that delivered articles from those magazines outside the issues themselves.

“The move from Next Issue to Texture is really the move from a classic digital newsstand to what I consider the best premium content platform,” Jim Bobowski, VP, Head of Marketing at Next Issue Media, told TNM last September.

“Disaggregation changes the nature of the game for the consumer,” Bobowski said. “You’ll see two layers of it immediately: New and Noteworthy, Stories and Collections. Both of these provide a level of human curation that cuts across the various publications in order to get consumers to high quality reading much faster.”

But the app was always hamstrung by the fact that someone who downloaded the app needed to leave the app to go online and buy a subscription. Yes, this meant that Texture would get all the revenue, and the customer information. But it also meant that they would lose a lot of potential sales – something every digital publisher has had to deal with since the launch of the App Store by Apple.

Other app updates:

  • The digital publishing platform Mag+ has updated its preview app Mag+ Designd Reviewer. This is the new name for the legacy digital edition app. The update adds “support for the special ‘$slideshow-slide-‘ syntax for linking into a slideshow via jump link.” It also fixes bugs
  • LaPresse+ has been updated to fix a number of bugs. This French-Canadian newspaper went digital-only this year on weekdays.
  • MLB.com At Bat issued an update centered on the upcoming All Star Game and Home Run Derby in San Diego next week. The update, I’m afraid to say, is getting bad reviews for the advertising that now is being added. Other more recent reviews talk about app crashes, something I have encountered, as well.
  • AT&T has updated its myAT&T app, adding in support for Touch ID, which should make it easier to log-in.

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