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The week that was: entertaining for journalists, unpredictable and destructive for everyone else

Brexit, the US election, Austria high court throws out election, events that will have a continuing impact on the world continue at a brisk pace, so the July 4th holiday can not come fast enough

Here in the States, many folks are preparing to hop in their car, if they haven’t already, to head to the airport, or the beach, or to an air raid shelter, looking to find comfort over the Independence Day holiday. The thought of what happens after the holiday – the conventions, and all that will follow – can be forgotten for a moment. Maybe.

This last ten days or so have seen some wacky things, the kinds of things journalists live for. But that kind of entertainment is like watching a house burn down, there will have to be some cleaning up to do after the fun. Oh, and it was your house that burned down.


The Week:


The Guardian, David Hare:

The situation worsens. It’s a revolution, and like all revolutions, it will eat its own. Nobody yet knows who’s going to end up with an ice-pick through their skull, but history had told us it was likely to be Boris Johnson. People who professed themselves shocked to discover, post-referendum, that Johnson told lies are like people who complain that Barbra Streisand sings. It’s what they do for a living…

…Two months ago, I gave a lecture in Trinity College, Oxford, predicting the end of the Tory party on the grounds that it was no longer intellectually coherent. Since that evening, nobody has stepped forward to explain to me how Conservatives can claim to believe in the free market while building barbed wire fences and detention camps to forbid the free movement of labour on which the free market depends. My analysis was crowned in mockery by the lackeys of Downing Street. But as with the fall of the wall in Berlin, even I did not expect to see my crystal-gazing fulfilled quite so quickly. Just as in 1989, the speed at which a whole ideology has collapsed has been spectacular.

SkyNews, Mark Kleinman:

EasyJet has opened talks with EU member states’ aviation regulators about relocating its headquarters from the UK, underlining how the decision to leave the European Union is impacting corporate Britain…

…Details of the move are expected to take months to be ironed out, but sources close to the company said it had already held preliminary talks with a handful of unidentified EU member states about issuing easyJet with an air operator’s certificate (AOC) that would enable it to base its HQ there.



Austria’s highest court on Friday overturned the results of the country’s presidential election and ordered a rerun, following claims of counting irregularities by the candidate who narrowly lost.

It also gives the defeated candidate the chance to become the first far-right head of state in the European Union…

…The Freedom Party asserted that the law had been contravened in one way or another in most of the 117 electoral districts, including the sorting of absentee ballots before electoral commission officials arrived and related violations of the rules.

Holzinger said the court had no choice but to call for a rerun, noting that the irregularities potentially affected nearly 78,000 votes — more than twice the margin separating the two candidates.

Republican Convention:

Politico, Hadas Gold:

For months, Donald Trump has talked about how his wife and children have asked him to be more “presidential.” His campaign aides, at various points in time, have talked about how he will “tone it down.” At the Republican National Convention, the billionaire is calling on his children to make those predictions come true.

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…Now, the convention offers Trump, the consummate showman, his best chance at showing his softer side, and his children will be a major part of the effort to do it.

According to a source close to Trump’s circle and briefed on the convention plans, all of Trump’s grown children will be speaking at the convention. Though the plans are still in flux, there will be a clear focus on Ivanka, who may have a Wednesday night speaking slot. There are even discussions of having Ivanka introduce Trump when he accepts the nomination on the convention’s final night, instead of the tycoon’s wife, Melania.

Chicago Tribune, Kim Janssen:

A report late Tuesday that Donald Trump is lining up Mike Ditka to make a star appearance at the Republican National Convention came as no surprise to anybody — except Da Coach himself.

And when the presumptive GOP presidential nominee finally got around to inviting Ditka on Wednesday afternoon, the 76-year-old Chicago Bears legend politely declined the offer.

“I can help him, but I don’t know if I can give a speech at the convention,” Ditka told the Tribune. “I don’t travel much anymore except between Chicago and Florida, and giving a speech at a convention isn’t really my style.”

Ditka has made no secret of his support for Trump. And Trump has publicly returned the love. But the leak to Bloomberg reporters Tuesday that the Trump camp was hoping Ditka would appear alongside the candidate in Cleveland next month before securing his attendance now looks like an embarrassing oversight.

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