June 30, 2016 Last Updated 8:37 am

More surprises in UK politics as the man who led Brexit campaign bows out of leadership race

Morning Brief: Former London mayor and current MP Boris Johnson discovers his plans to become Prime Minister were undermined by his brexit colleague Michael Gove

Told that as Prime Minister may be expected to comb his hair, Boris Johnson has decided that is simply too great a requirement for him. So, the man who helped lead the British to vote to exit the EU, has decided not to run for leader of the Conservative Party.

“I must tell you, my friends, you who have waited faithfully for the punchline of this speech, that having consulted colleagues, and in view of the circumstances in Parliament, I have concluded that person cannot be me,” Johnson said today.


The shock announcement came after the former London mayor discovered that his support with the Conservative Party had vanished, with expected allies bolting for the camps of rivals Theresa May (who worked for the ‘Remain’ site, but no matter) and Michael Gove (who famously quipped that the British were tired of experts, making him, presumably, the perfect PM).

The Sun, the official house organ of the Tories, reported that a Johnson staffer told the tabloid that “Gove is a c*** who set this up from the start.” Damn those politicians, being all political and all.

Meanwhile, the markets took it all in stride as traders began to realize that trying to guess what British politicians might do next is a fool’s errand. European stock markets are mostly flat, as are Dow futures. The British pound is up very slightly in value today, as well.

For a preview of the upcoming leadership race, we turn to the real authorities on British politics:

Two new polls are out showing the US presidential race is currently a dead heat.

A PPP poll has Hillary Clinton up by 4 points, while a Rasmussen Reports polls now shows Donald Trump up by 4 points.

PPP included one of their odd questions in their poll:

If the choices for President were Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump, and a Giant Meteor hitting the earth which would you choose?

Shockingly, only 13 percent chose ‘Giant Meteor hitting the earth.’

PPP also asked “Would you support or oppose Texas leaving the United States to become its own country?” Only 24 percent said “Yes” which I found odd as I don’t know anyone personally who is against the idea of Texas leaving the US.

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