June 28, 2016 Last Updated 1:45 pm

First look: Families First launches new native digital edition using the Pugpig platform

The recently released app gives readers an easy to read, mobile-first digital edition app, and is available for both iOS and Android devices

The folks over at Kaldor, the maker of Pugpig, brought to my attention the release of a new digital edition for Families First, a UK faith-based magazine from Mothers’ Union. The native digital edition was released for iOS devices, as well as into Google Play and the Amazon store for Android.

familiesfirst-300The magazine supports the work of the UK charity in fighting poverty, injustice and tackling family issues.

(For those of us in the US, it is important to note that the magazine has a far more positive tone than similar faith-based publications in the States. Quite refreshing to see, really.)

The decision to use a native digital edition platform like Pugpig is really about producing a readable digital edition, one that works as well on smartphone as on a tablet.

“We’re excited for this new step on the digital platform and hope it will help us to reach many more families around the world,” said Tola Fisher, the Publications Editor at Mothers’ Union in the announcement for the new app.

>Many mobile-first digital editions stick to portrait pages, but this one allows the reader to hold their tablet in landscape, though the layouts really are designed for portrait reading.

The layouts are very simple, but they work, and so loyal readers will appreciate the new app in order to access the issues (which are free) via their digital device.


I should note, TNM no longer seeks out new digital editions to look at. This was, for the first five years of this site’s existence, one of the main purposes of the site. But the death of the Newsstand, and the fact that so many of the traditional publishers have given up on their digital editions, has made it rare that I would find a good new digital edition app to look at. Tht is why I very much appreciate it when digital publishing platforms reach out to TNM to inform this site of new apps (or websites, or other digital publishing projects).

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