June 20, 2016 Last Updated 7:49 am

New Brexit poll has the pound and Dow futures rising; Congress to vote on new gun proposals

Morning Brief: Poll from The Independent that was partially conducted following the death of a Labour MP shows the ‘Remain’s side up 4 points ahead of Thursday’s vote

The UK: Has the tide turned back towards the ‘Remain’ side, three days ahead of the crucial vote? US: Has the latest mass murder turned the tide in regards to the prospects of the Congress passing meaningful gun control?

Maybe, and most definitely not.

Telegraph-Boris-800A poll released this weekend which shows the ‘Remain’ side up by four points has lifted the spirits of investors, driving up the value of the pound today. The Comres poll for The Independent involved 2,046 interviews, of which 200 were conducted after news of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox had become known.

“We did have momentum until this terrible tragedy,” Nigel Farage, head of the far-right e UK Independence Party said this weekend. “It has had an impact on the whole campaign for everybody. When you are taking on the establishment, you need to have momentum.”

Investors are concerned what the UK leaving the European Union, of Brexit, would mean for business. Ford has warned its 14,000 employees in the UK that they are in there for the easy access to the European market and may move should voters vote ‘Leave’.

But the new poll has cheered investors in western countries – with Dow futures, for instance, showing that the US market will open over 200 points higher today. European markets, including Britain’s FTSE 100, are up over 3 percent today.

In the US, the Senate is set to vote on a series of proposals that would effect the ability of those on the terror watch list to purchase a gun. Democrats want those on the list to be automatically denied the ability to buy a gun, while Republican propose that the right only be denied should a judge rule that the purchase should be stopped. No one expects any of the proposals to pass so that each side may continue to blame the other without any chances actually being done.

Doctoral candidates at universities are likely studying the 10 percent who think the Congress is doing a good job to see why that sliver of the population thinks as they do.

Among the app updates released this weekend are a number for publishing platforms.

NewsPro-iPhone6-380Magzter has updated its reading app to make purchasing subscriptions and single issues easier, and to provide faster access to the reader’s libraries for Magzter library users.

Who knows what the update for PressReader’s app is about as the company simply duplicated the app description from the last update. Generally this means it is a bug fix update, but it would be nice for them to say that.

Microsoft’s News Pro mobile app update is about subtle changes involving the search bar, an improved keyboard layout, and optimized app performance for users with ‘suboptimal’ network connection.

Glose has updated its iOS eBook app to fix a crash issue.

Tapas Media has updated its eBook/comics reading app, Tapas, adding a feature called Daily Snack, a curated list of books and comics delivered to the Tapas Inbox.

Finally, Apple issued an update for the iTunes Connect mobile app which adds “sales and proceeds details within Trends. Tap the numbers to switch between units, sales, and proceeds.”

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