June 16, 2016 Last Updated 4:06 pm

Twitter, Google and Facebook face lawsuit from family of woman killed in Paris attack

The lawsuit filed in District Court in San Francisco claims that the social networks knowingly allow ISIS to use their services, and even help monetize their communications through advertising

The family of Nohemi Gonzalez this week filed a lawsuit accusing Twitter, Google and Facebook of knowingly allowing ISIS to use their networks to spread propaganda, raising funds and attracting new recruits. The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court, Northern District of California. Gonzalez was one of those killed in the attacks in Paris in November of last year.

“Without Defendants Twitter, Facebook, and Google (YouTube), the explosive growth of ISIS over the last few years into the most-feared terrorist group in the world would not have been possible,” the lawsuit (PDF) contends.

Gonzalez-400“Since first appearing on Twitter in 2010, ISIS accounts on Twitter have grown at an astonishing rate and, until recently, ISIS maintained official accounts on Twitter unfettered.”

“Recently, it was reported that the leader of ISIS in the United Kingdom, Omar Hussain, was using Facebook to recruit terrorists to launch attacks in the U.K.” the lawsuit states.

The suit accuses the social networking sites of profiting from ISIS, and even making money for the group through advertising.

“Not only does Defendant Google profit from ISIS, it shares some of those revenues with ISIS. In order for ads to appear associated with a posting on a YouTube video, the poster must create a Google AdSense account. The poster must the register the account for monetization,” the lawsuit claims.

Facebook responded to the lawsuit in a statement saying that there is “no place for terrorists or content that promotes or supports terrorism on Facebook, and we work aggressively to remove such content as soon as we become aware of it.”

Gonzalez was killed while dining at the bistro La Belle Epoque. The attack killed 130 people and injured 368.

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