June 14, 2016 Last Updated 10:15 am

Washington Post editor responds to the Trump campaign ban

National Press Photographers Association offers it support, but the candidate’s supporters decry biased coverage of their guy

If the newspaper industry had selected the two nominees for President we would be seeing Hillary Clinton facing Ohio Gov. John Kasich squaring off this fall as both candidates received the vast majority of newspaper endorsements during the primary season. But newspapers, even when they did not endorse during a primary campaign, often editorialized about the danger posed by Donald Trump – but such is the lack of influence of newspapers that voters simply ignored their recommendations and voted for Trump (or Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders) anyways.

That is why it is doubtful that The Donald’s latest attack of the press, his banning of The Washington Post, will be seen negatively by voters. The Post has been aggressively covered the candidate, holding him to his promise to donate a million dollars personally, and fact checking his often wild claims. But part of Trump’s shtick is beating up the media, calling reporters “sleazy”, and newspapers he is unhappy with “failing”.

Responses to the tweet run along party lines, with Trump supporters accusing the paper of biased coverage – something to be expected. At this point, it is hard to see what Trump could do or say to put off his supporters, so revoking a newspaper’s press credentials is such an insignificant thing compared to encouraging nuclear weapons proliferation, banning Muslims from entering the country, or eliminating gun-free zones. The Post’s Robert Costa, himself a Republican, will simply have to sit among the supporters when reporting, rather than being penned up like the other members of the press. Of course, he won’t able to travel with the campaign, but it’s not like he’ll miss much, all he has to do is turn on Fox News, CNN or MSNBC to see every Trump rally or speech he gives.

The National Press Photographers Association today issued a statement of support of the Post, urging Trump to “to correct the error of his ways” – I can hear you giggling from here.

ATHENS, GA – June 14, 2016 – The National Press Photographers Association today released this following statement:

The National Press Photographers Association stands with the Washington Post and numerous other news outlets that the Trump campaign has summarily banned from its events. We would expect the Republican party’s presumptive nominee for this country’s highest office to have greater respect and understanding for the role of a free press. Instead, Mr. Trump has encouraged attacks (both physical and verbal) upon media members and threatened to undermine intrinsic First Amendment principles when journalists and news organizations report facts or express opinions that he finds unflattering or believes incorrect. It is these very constitutional protections that keep America Great and we urge Mr. Trump to correct the error of his ways by supporting the Founding Fathers’ vision for a free and unfettered press.”

-Melissa Lyttle, NPPA President

Akili-Casundria Ramsess, NPPA Executive Director

-Mickey H. Osterreicher, NPPA General Counsel

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