June 14, 2016 Last Updated 7:57 am

Murdoch’s Sun tabloid comes out in favor of Brexit, as polls now show the ‘Leave’ side up

Latest YouGov poll sends shockwaves through the UK (and Europe) as support for leaving the EU has dramatically increased only ten days before voters go to the polls

Watching the Warriors last night lose to the Cavaliers was an odd experience. At various times one just knew, just knew that Curry or Thompson would drop in a series of threes and before you knew it the Warriors would be on top. It was inevitable, right? No question about it. A sure thing. Right?

sun-tab-brexit-620That’s the feeling a lot of supporters of the UK staying in the European Union have today. It’s a sure thing. Clearly there is no way voters will actually go to the polls next week and vote to upset the entire political structure of Europe. Right?

But events are moving fast, and today a lot of supporters of the “Stay” side are in shock. Polls show the “Leave” side ahead – not just one poll, an outlier, but the average of polls now show the “Leave” side ahead.

And today Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid The Sun came out in favor of Brexit.

“We must set ourselves free from dictatorial Brussels,” The Sun said in a front page editorial.

“Throughout our 43-year membership of the European Union it has proved increasingly greedy, wasteful, bullying and breathtakingly incompetent in a crisis.”

The latest YouGov poll has support for leaving the EU at 46 percent, with the stay side at 39 percent, with a large number of people still undecided. The British pound fell in value on the news, and German 10-year bonds fell to as low as minus 0.02 percent Tuesday morning, as investors feared the consequences of a “Leave” vote.

But the betting market still believes the voters will vote to stay in the EU and those with doubts – fear, in other words – will result in voters rejecting such radical change, as they did in Scotland.

“The experience in referendums in Britain and around the world is that when you get these kind of constitutional, almost constitutional referendums, toward the very end, in the final days, or the fortnight, people who make up their mind late make a judgment as to which is the risky option and which is the safe option,” the former president of UK polling company YouGov told CNBC on Monday.

But those who doubt the polls have looked pretty silly lately – like those who were so damn sure Republican voters would never choose Donald Trump to be their nominee. Besides, if Murdoch wants the “Leave” side to win there is a very good chance he’ll get his way, he usually does.