June 14, 2016 Last Updated 4:55 pm

Apple sends out Apple News publishing partners an update on upcoming changes

I‘m trying to stay optimistic about the prospects for Apple News, I really am. But it is hard. First, Apple included a very brief notice during yesterday’s WWDC keynote that there were changes coming to Apple News but didn’t let its partners know what was going on. Now, they have done that (good!) but using the  website is impossible (and I’ve wasted hours trying).

I admit that I have a bad attitude about anything coming out of Apple these days that concerns publishers – they continue to see us in the publishing business as merely an unnecessary evil, a way of selling a few more devices (and don’t get me started on the Press team).

So, when you look at the email they sent today one has to be a bit cautious: this sounds good, but I couldn’t get the website to anything but lead me around in circles. I don’t really see the point.

Really, who is running the show at Apple News? Who are these people, what are their names? Where is the support? If you are not The New York Times will they talk to you? The App Store team won’t so I imagine this team won’t either (hey, guys, the App Store is broken… since 2013, have you noticed?).

Like I said, I’m trying to stay optimistic, after all, there are days when I see decent readership numbers coming from Apple News. But then there is that support website…

Nonetheless, here is what they have to say about the changes:

Dear Publisher:

iOS 10 introduces several new features that make News even more beautiful, personalized, and informative. Download the developer preview of iOS 10 and take advantage of the following enhancements:

  • Support for Featured Stories
  • New Social Media Embeds
  • Video-in-Feed

Support for Featured Stories
The new Featured Stories section in For You highlights engaging and beautifully designed stories, curated by Apple News editors. To submit your story for consideration to be featured, provide additional Cover Art with your article bundle when using the Apple News API.New Social Media Embeds
You can now embed Facebook and Vine content within Apple News Format articles.Video-in-Feed
To enable playable videos as your article thumbnails, define a videoURL in the metadata of your Apple News Format articles delivered using the Apple News API. This will allow video articles to be playable from For You, Topic, and Channel feeds.Campaign Management APIs for Advertising
Publishers and third party advertisers can now integrate all Apple News advertising capabilities into their existing workflow. The following new APIs provide a singular interface, greater efficiency, and ease-of-use for the most critical parts of ad operations:

  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Management
  • Revenue Reporting

See the iOS Developer Library for more information on Campaign & Creative Management and Revenue Reporting.Tips & Tricks for News Articles
Take note of the following tips to help ensure your articles reach their target audience:

  • Promoted Articles. Use this feature to move select articles to the top of your channel for new readers, and also elevate the selected articles to the “More From” area at the end of your articles. See the News Publisher User Guide to learn how to promote your articles.
  • Maturity Rating. Indicate the appropriate audience for your content using the maturityRating property in the Apple News API metadata, and when publishing an article using News Publisher. You can select from KIDS, MATURE, and GENERAL.

Find full details on these new Apple News Format features in the Apple News Format Reference. As a reminder, you can create new Apple News Format channels, as well as upgrade existing RSS channels using News Publisher.If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, go to News Publisher Resources and Support.Regards,The Apple News Team

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