June 9, 2016 Last Updated 12:44 pm

Content going ‘shoppable’, providing readers with direct purchasing opportunities

Guest column: Olga Rabo, content marketing and community manager at Styla, describes the findings from their report on shoppable articles and turning readers into buyers

In 2008, Seth Godin said that content marketing is the only marketing left. It’s been 8 years since then, though, and marketing trends have changed profoundly over the last decade.

“Content” is not the latest buzzword in the marketing world anymore. It is the word “shoppable” that sets the rules of the party now, transforming the whole landscape of e-commerce and the shopping behaviour of today’s content consumers.

Defining-Shoppable-Content-gcStyla.com, in cooperation with Smartzer, recently issued the first ever report that closely examines the effect that shoppable content has on the e-commerce industry, as well as the ROIs that online retailers can see from it.

As defined in the report, shoppable content is any type of content that provides a direct purchasing opportunity and allows users to shop directly from what they are viewing (articles, videos, etc.). In simple terms, this means that the gap between content and product is reduced to a minimum number of steps needed to make a purchase. This means no interruption of the inspirational flow that content is tailored to provide — no redirects, no search bars, etc.

According to the study, Defining Shoppable Content: How Shoppable Articles and Interactive Videos Turn Content Consumers into Actual Buyers, shoppable content boasts exceptionally high KPIs, such as up to 24 percent click-through-rates (in comparison to the 5 percent benchmark in the e-commerce industry), as well as increased retention rate and time spent on page.

Olga-200Showcasing examples from such brands as Marks & Spencer, Graziashop, and Net-A-Porter, Styla explains how shoppable content technology works in e-commerce and how businesses can use it to drive more profit.

Access the report here.

Olga Rabo is content marketing and community manager at Styla, a technology compnay that helps publishers transform their websites into a shopping experience.

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