June 2, 2016 Last Updated 7:51 am

Active Interest Media acquires the social media platform Yonder

Yonder technology that will accelerate deployment of AIM’s partner brands into interactive platforms to improve brand awareness, custom content, and call to action campaigns

Boulder, CO – June 2, 2016 – Active Interest Media (AIM) has acquired the social media platform Yonder. Launched in 2013, Yonder has quickly become the leading outdoor recreation social app and platform for outdoor enthusiasts. This free mobile iOS and Android app allows you to discover and share your outdoor experiences, adventures and activities with friends and fellow Yonderers.

With one of the largest databases of user-generated multimedia for the outdoor and adventure travel industries, Yonder changed the way people discover, share and plan their next adventure. The company’s platform has already engaged with over 1 million outdoor enthusiasts. Yonder has powered interactive Web experiences with brands and organizations including the U.S Forest Service, The North Face, Burton, Xanterra and more. In fact, collaborations with Yonder typically yield ten times the engagement rate of similar social content promotions.

Yonder-ios“We’re thrilled that the Yonder product and community will continue to grow and thrive with an organization whose mission is perfectly aligned with our own,” said David Tyler, CEO of Yonder. “The combination of Yonder and AIM will create an incredible opportunity to inspire millions of people across the globe to love the outdoors.”

Not only does it have a cool name, it contains all of the tools and functions you need to find new places to explore, and to read reports on different areas and adventures. Yonder has integrated technology that will accelerate the deployment of AIM’s partner brands into interactive platforms to improve brand awareness, custom content, and aggressive call to action campaigns using hashtags, native content, and push notifications.

“In a very short time, Yonder resonated with hundreds of thousands of young, active adventure seekers who love to post and devour content,” said Jonathan Dorn, SVP, Digital & Creative Services with AIM. “Unlike mass-market social apps, Yonder provides a very curated experience for outdoor-minded users – no wading through irrelevant posts to find compelling content about hiking, skiing, climbing, and biking. That focus, plus best-in-class user ratings, have led to extraordinary engagement and more than a half-million unique content uploads.”

The Yonder app platform includes widgets to drive third-party engagement and create amazing real-time interaction. With these powerful web tools, geo-located and activity-tagged multimedia can be delivered directly to a partner web destination via easy to customize web widgets. Additionally, partners can use destination and experience-specific functions to promote their events, campaigns and retail locations.

“Our mission has always been to inspire people to get out more and share their passion for the outdoors, so we’re thrilled to unveil Yonder as our newest offering,” said Kent Ebersole, GM VP Outdoor Group at Active Interest Media. “This acquisition is a natural fit with many of our properties including Backpacker, Ski, Warren Miller, Climbing, National Park Trips, and Skiing – and will enable us to interact with an even broader and younger social audience.”

You can download the Yonder iPhone and Google Android™ apps for free here. With these expanded mobile features, users can connect with the world’s largest online community of outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy the ability to:

  • Share and discover outdoor experiences
  • Inspire like-minded adventure seekers
  • Search activities and find new areas to explore
  • Plan trips and build travel bucket-lists
  • Reference recommendations, helpful tips and driving directions
  • View trending places and photo galleries

Once you download Yonder, get off your couch and try it! The point is to get out more, explore, and encourage others to do the same by sharing your experiences in the great outdoors. Now please, #Yonderon.

  • Steve Parker 2 years ago

    I hope this is a good move for both companies. I would also say that not all Yonderers are young. I’m 73 and love Yonder. I hope the acquisition turns out well for all concerned. 👍

  • Lonnie Stickton 2 years ago

    Hopefully Yonder will continue to be the GREAT app we have enjoyed. I am also not one of the younger users as I’m 75. But I’m still young at heart and not only use Yonder, but contribute to it also.

  • Ken PeKarek Sr 2 years ago

    I agree with Steve Parker about Yonder and it’s new venture. I also am 73 and am addicted to Yonder and everyone’s sharing of their adventures.

  • Kim Fitzpatrick (@Kimmy) 2 years ago

    These three Yondering guys, who commented above, are some of the best! Age makes no difference among us. 🙂

    I’m so happy to see this happen and know that the app will continue to #YonderOn … hopefully for a very long time. Yonder has had such a positive impact on so many of its members lives, whether it’s helped to get them more active in the outdoors or just by brightening their days through social interaction. I can hardly wait to see what happens next! 🙂