June 1, 2016 Last Updated 1:00 pm

Understanding ‘Surge’ data can help B2B marketers identify when buyers are ready to act

Guest column: Marc Johnson, CMO and General Manager at Bombora, the B2B data and marketing company, talks about the creation of ‘The Surge’ infographic

With a multitude of marketing trends and technologies vying for center stage, how do you know what’s really top of mind for B2B marketers?

To find out, we partnered with the Aberdeen Group to create The Surge infographic, an exploration of trending topics within the marketing industry.  The findings are based on Bombora’s company-level B2B intent data. This data comes from monitoring more than 4 billion monthly interactions across 2,500 B2B websites. This content consumption behavior is tied to specific topics and then mapped to specific companies consuming these topics. Each topic receives a “Surge” score, which indicates that the topic is being consumed more than usual.  For this analysis, we looked at companies in the marketing industry (vs. individual company name) and the topics there were surging on.

Andrew Moravick, Senior Research Associate at the Aberdeen Group, then analyzed the topics in terms of what might be driving interest in these surging topics, from the perspective of what “best-in-class” marketers do. This is what we learned:

The-Surge-2-1160Top 5 Surging Topics in B2B Marketing

1. Marketing Dashboards. The rise of focus on the dashboard indicates that B2B marketers are prioritizing finding visual solutions to organize their CRM and campaign data. According to Aberdeen, best-in-class marketers are 52 percent more likely to use analytics and data visualization solutions.

2. Lead Generation.
Driving interest in products and services will always be at the center of any solid marketing strategy. So it should come as no surprise that “Lead Generation” was the second most popular topic in The Surge. As B2B marketers look to improve lead generation, many are turning to content marketing, which is increasingly helping these marketers succeed in that arena.

3. Telemarketing. While it may seem old school, data-driven “Telemarketing,” is still relevant, particularly when it is used as a follow up tool for intent-targeted marketing campaigns. Forty-one percent of marketing organizations practice some form of telemarketing, because these efforts can be very effective in driving conversion.

4. QR Codes. Newer mobile technologies have taken the spotlight, but ‘QR Codes’ remain important. These cross-channel codes have maintained their relevance, because they offer digital tracking of non-digital marketing channels.

5. Brand Equity, Management & Loyalty. These important topics used to live in the marketing department, but increasingly these subjects are permeating through to the entire organization. Year-over-year marketers who increase brand awareness experience almost quadruple the increase in company revenue, compared to those companies with stagnating brands. No wonder the CEO and sales departments want to buy-in.

Marc-Johnson-310Understanding this Surge data can help B2B marketers identify when buyers are ready to act. By studying this information, marketers are can improve the relevance and engagement of their campaigns and turn prospects into customers.

Marc Johnson leads the strategic growth of Bombora and heads its marketing team. Previously, Johnson served as the CMO of Resonate, a venture-backed analytics and audience targeting company, named a cool vendor by Gartner and a four-time Inc. 5000 company.

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