May 31, 2016 Last Updated 3:44 pm

Media app updates: PostMedia updates newspaper apps; The New Yorker Today’s first update

Google app update involves allowing Accelerated Mobile Pages to load instantly; and At Bat update adds 60 FPS video quality for premium users, new bandwidth management

We are two weeks out from WWDC, and with it a boatload of software updates (likely). That usually means more trouble for developers as they try to keep their iOS apps up-to-date and working. It also means that this is a good time to push out those bug fix and new feature app updates – and there were quite a number released today.


PressReader, the digital newspaper newsstand, preciously known as NewspaperDirect, has brought their app up to version 4.9.

“Download version 4.9 to receive free magazines and newspapers in PressReader! Enable gifts and notifications in the app settings, and you’ll receive a note when your location offers gifts,” the app description promises.

The update also adds support for the iPad Pro.

VSun-iPad-5-31-16Postmedia Network has issued an update for The Vancouver Sun, as well as other papers in its chain (which includes the Edmonton Journal, Windsor Star, etc.

“The newly designed user interface provides users with easier navigation, better presentation of content and an overall better reading experience,” the app description states.

These apps are the mobile-first apps from the newspapers, while there are other apps inside the App Store which offer PDF replicas of the print newspapers. Some newspapers, such as The Washington Post, have combined the two ideas into one app, so as to not confuse readers about which app to download. (Though it should be said that the Post then turned around and launched another app so that they have one app called simply “The Washington Post” (the new one) and one called “Classic” (the old one).)

Star Touch by Toronto Star was also updated. This app, which uses the La Press+ platform, was updated for ‘minor improvements.’

Tribune Publishing issued a bug fix update for the LA Times mobile app, fixing an issue where content was failing to update.


The new mobile app for Condé Nast’s magazine, The New Yorker, has received its very first app update. The New Yorker Today is a mobile-first app (actually, mobile only) that features continuously updated content.

Like many first updates, this one includes new features:

What’s New in Version 1.1
The New Yorker Today delivers the best of what we do in one simple app. This upgrade makes access to our editors’ selections even more seamless, with:

  • A save-your-spot feature: the app automatically returns to where you previously stopped reading an article.
  • Spotlight Search compatibility: New Yorker Today app content will be surfaced via the Spotlight Search feature on your device.
  • Text-resizing capability: adjust font size via your device settings.
  • An in-app New Yorker newsletter sign-up option.
  • Universal links: New Yorker articles cited but not featured in the app will open in-app.

Also: Forbes issued an update for its Forbes Under 30 mobile app to fix some bugs.

Camera Apps:

Two apps popular with photojournalists were updated today.

FiLMiCPro-screenFiLMiC Pro was updated to fix a series of issues including one where “Timelapse clip in 4k with moondog enabled will not copy to camera roll.”

If you can, I strongly recommend going to the app page for FiLMiC Pro in iTunes, on your Mac, to see the page they created for the app – beautifully done.

The other app – Manual – Custom exposure camera – was updated just before the Memorial Day holiday. Users can now delete photos directly from the in-app photo viewer.


Google has updated its main iOS search app, simply called Google app. This app was updated just two weeks ago to add in keyboard shortcuts for iPad users.

This update involves allowing Accelerated Mobile Pages to load instantly, and adding sports highlight videos in Now cards. At Bat has also received an update with quite a number of changes, including upping the video frame rate for many users.

There is also a reminder that one can manage the bandwidth settings, important both for those worrying about data, but also for those who might be having streaming issues. In fact, I’ve experienced far more streaming issues this year than I can remember experiencing last year.

User reviews inside iTunes have most recently been negative, though the biggest complaint is about advertising. That complaint is justified, advertising, whether in-app or on the website, is obnoxious – the worst ad practices are being used. Too bad ad blockers don’t work in-app.

Here is the update info:

What’s New in Version 9.2.0

  • 60 FPS video now available on iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6+, 6S and 6S+ (premium users only)
  • Manage your bandwidth with a new setting to control when 60 FPS video is used (premium users only)
  • Notifications no longer spoil plays when watching .TV (TV users only)
  • Gameday Pitch-by-Pitch available to Lite users
  • Team Rosters now available in iPad
  • General Improvements

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