May 27, 2016 Last Updated 11:47 am

First Look: The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia’s ‘SA Motor Magazine’

The oldest motoring magazine in Australia moves to the MagLoft digital publishing platform to produce a native digital edition that is a pleasure to read and navigate

One more new digital magazine app to look at before the Memorial Day break: SA Motor Magazine. The print and digital magazine is the flagship publication of the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia. Like the AAA in the states, the automobile club which provides member services such as 24-hour emergency breakdown, vehicle inspection, tour planning, etc.

SA Motor magazine iPad coverAs the app description states, SA Motor is the oldest motoring magazine in Australia.

Its first digital edition dates back to 2013 and used the Adobe DPS platform. But the newest version uses MagLoft to create a native digital edition.

Designed in portrait, the digital edition can be read on both an iPhone and iPad, but really is designed for tablet reading.

“We have also been working with SA Motor Magazine as they needed help moving away from Adobe DPS,” Nick Martin, CEO at MagLoft told TNM. “We’ve managed to create a hybrid version that uses images and HTML to create something that looks very similar to Adobe functionality.”

The digital magazine does all the right things, from proper font sizes, to using native digital navigation (scroll within a story, swipe to move to the next story).

SAMotor-scrollOne could say that the digital magazine app is a throw back to the kinds of digital editions being produced a few years ago – and that is said very much as a compliment.

There is a nice variation used here between scrolling pages on some stories and scrolling text boxes on others.

One feature, called ‘Ask our experts’, uses hot links to move the reader around from one section to the other, but always contains easy to see and use navigation prompts to allow the reader to return to the page they started from.

Building such a native digital edition may prove easier for the publisher because the magazine is published quality, rather than monthly.

Like many magazines published for a brand or organization, the digital magazine issues are free to access from with the app.

One really would like to see more digital magazine apps built like this one.

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