May 25, 2016 Last Updated 1:55 pm

Media app updates: Microsoft issues major update for News Pro, its mobile news app

Other apps updated included’s mobile app, Chefs Feed, the chef driven restaurant app, and two from Google include Google Maps, which adds support for 360 panoramic views

Quite a number of apps by, or of interest to the media were updated today inside the App Store.

News Pro, a Microsoft Garage project, had a major update bringing the app up to version 2.0. Microsoft sees their mobile news app as more business oriented.

The app description for the update mentions three changes: the introduction of Groups, where users can share news and opinions; a personal news bot, Rowe (ain’t that cute); and support email sign in.

iOS users have plenty of choices when it comes to mobile news aggregation apps, but the update from Microsoft has received plenty of good reviews so far.

The Real Estate mobile app has also received a major update, bringing the app up to version 9.0.

I imagine a lot of media people don’t really see this one as a media app, but those of us who are former classified ad executives certainly do. But if that wasn’t enough, consider this: Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp acquired the parent company of, Move Inc. That acquisition further diversified the newly spun off publishing company, and has already proved to be one area of continued growth for the company.

Here is the app description for the update:

What’s New in Version 9.0
• Beautifully redesigned real estate and rentals app that is faster, easier to navigate, and more organized than ever before to make your home search a breeze!
• Now takes up 40% less space on your iOS device.
• Open the app to see nearby homes for sale instantly, and move around the map to watch more listings populate.
• View schools, restaurants, shops, banks, and other points of interest around each home and neighborhood.
• Search for homes and neighborhoods in 3D!
• Bigger home photos within the map view than ever before!
• Quickly access driving directions to listings and open houses on your iPhone.
• Now offers Airplay so you can stream the® app on your Apple TV!
• Share a property listing over unlimited channels such as SMS, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Instagram, and more!
• Now supporting Turbo Listings on

Other media app updates:

La Presse+: The mobile app from the French-Canadian newspaper that this year moved to a digital-only model on weekdays, received a minor bug fix update.

Apple Store: Apple issues a minor update for their in-store app. Well, I assume it is minor, as Apple is not one of the better iOS app developers, at least as far as best practices is concerned. Maybe they should outsource their apps to Google (just a thought).


ChefsFeed: Here is a better example of writing an app description for an update, from this fun app powered by chefs (see below). If you are unfamiliar with Chefs Feed, you can familiarize yourself with the company through this story which originally was written for the App Publisher digital magazine (sadly shuttered), but which was republished on TNM here.

The CEO of Chefs Feed is Rich Maggiotto, who used to hold the same title at Zinio.

What’s New in Version 4.2.3
• Our Videos, Stories, Guides and other awesome content now have links to other related, awesome content for your reading and viewing pleasure! It’s called “stickiness”. You’re welcome.
• Have you ever had to squint to read one of our Stories? So did our boss. We fixed that.
• ChefsFeed is your #1 resource for fresh, local chef curated content. We can’t be “local” if you don’t turn on Location Services. So we will bug you until you do.
• We fixed a lot of bugs also. We caused them in the first place so we felt like we had to.

Google continues to issue updates for its large collection of iOS apps. The two updated today are for Google Maps, which now can feature 360 panoramic views in the photo gallery; and for Snapseed, its photo editing app.

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