May 16, 2016 Last Updated 4:19 pm

Updates: Apple releases updates for both Mac and iOS, Adobe updates Capture CC mobile app

Plenty of app updates were released today including from Tribune Publishing, The New York Times, The Economist, and for platform readers such as Amazon’s Kindle and Magzter

A ton of updates were released in the past day or so, with Apple leading the way with a series of updates for both its Mac and iOS device ecosystems (hate that word, but it works here).

iOS-update-5-16-16First off, Apple released an update for iPhones and iPads, iOS 9.3.2. The update fixes an issue with Bluetooth accessories that experience audio quality issues when paired to the iPhone SE.

A screenshot of the update is at right, but as you can see, it is fairly minor for most users.

Apple also released OS X 10.11.5, an update for those on the El Capitan operating system. Warning, that one requires a restart. Again, it is a fairly minor update, and according to the Apple release notes involves bug fixes, performance improvements and security updates.

Probably the biggest update is for iTunes, which is now on version 12.4.

“Now enjoy all of your music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more in a simpler design,” the update reads.

Not surprisingly, there are already complaints about the changes.

“Somehow they made it even worse,” wrote one user on Macrumors. “Two sidebars now instead of one, and instead of a single click to change media modes (music, movies, etc.), it’s one click to drop down the menu and another click to get to the media type.”

Lots of app updates, but most are minor bug fixes.

Tribune Publishing releases bug fixes for their newspaper apps such as for the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, etc.

I can’t imagine that the Tribune app team is too thrilled with the prospect of Gannett buying Tribune Publishing. But I will say that Gannett’s app for USA Today is far better than anything released by Tribune of late.

That is sad to say, however, because for a very brief moment, very brief, Tribune looked to be heading in the right direction, experimenting with digital edition apps. But those experiments were abandoned quickly.

NYT-iPadAir-update-5-16-16The New York Times has updated both its iPhone and iPad mobile apps, fixing some crash issues. They have also added a bit of recruitment advertising to the About page inside of Settings, looking for those who might want to work for them. Good idea.

The Economist for iPad update fixes an issue where the app forgets where the reader is within an issue.

BuzzFeed News does something a bit unusual. It tells users that with the app update, which brings the app up to version 2.4, that the app is now built using Swift 2.2. Bet there aren’t many who really care about that, but I find it nice when the developers let their users in on more details than what most developers divulge.

On the platform side, Amazon has issued an update for their Kindle eBook app for iOS, adding double spread layouts for comics.

The Magzter app update says they have an “improved Article reader,” as well as bug fixes.

Flipboard has made community comments more prominent throughout the app.

Google has been issuing lots of updates for their iOS apps lately. The latest is for YouTube, which now has support for Google Cardboard. “Now watch any video in VR,” the app description says.

And, as I was about to hit “Post” on this story, Adobe’s PR team sent over news of updates for the company’s mobile app Adobe Capture CC:

Adobe Releases Update for Capture CC

CaptureCC_EditPattern-300Adobe announces a significant update for its core mobile app Adobe Capture CC.

For Capture CC, a pattern option has been added to this feature-full mobile app, allowing creatives and designers to transform any image or real-world object into a geometric or organic pattern.

Traditionally, the process of creating a pattern required manual tiling and a tedious chore of blending between tiles. The newest capability in Capture CC automatically blends the seams between tiles for a perfect pattern.

You can check out examples of San Francisco and New York landmarks transformed into patterns for Twitter/Facebook cover photos here.

The update is immediately available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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