May 12, 2016 Last Updated 11:20 am

WordPress plug-in for Apple News updated

The update is said to solve an issue with articles publishing to their proper sections

Those who are publishing to Apple News, and simultaneously also publish online using WordPress, will be happy to learn of the latest update for the Publish to Apple News plug-in.

TNM-AN-iPhoneApple News has endured a soap opera of a roll out. Announced last summer, it may, in the minds of Apple execs, be a replacement for the Newsstand, but is really an unrelated product. The roll out went poorly as Apple let a select few media partners experiment with it while it worked to build out its online solution for others. Meanwhile, Beezwax and Alley Interactive went to work on a plug-in that would make publishing to Apple News easy for publishers using WordPress.

The first experiments with the plug-in proved unsatisfactory, so TNM, at least, resorted to manual in-put of stories. The added work to do this didn’t seem worth the effort for the poor readership numbers Apple News could produce.

So, when the plug-in was updated to version 1.1 I tried it again and, bingo, success!

But yesterday I found another problem: if you have set up your Apple News publication with multiple Sections the plug-in was not delivering the content to the proper area – all content went into the main section.

Today, though, the problem may be solved with the version 1.1.1 update. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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