May 12, 2016 Last Updated 2:11 pm

Exact Editions launches a replica service for books, targeting the institutional market

The same company that offers PDF replica services for magazines, will now use the technology for replicas of books, launching with titles for the academic market

The replica magazine platform Exact Editions announced today that they launched a book service, creating the same sort of exact replicas of books as they do for magazines.

Of course, anyone can make a PDF of any print publication (or digital publication, for that matter), so like digital magazines, the value of a replica book will completely depend on what device its read on. A desktop PC provides the best environment because it provides the largest screen, but research shows readers don’t like reading periodicals or books on their PCs. A tablet would be second best since many tablets have larger screens. A smartphone, obviously, requires pinch-to-zoom, so it is the worst place for a replica.

The value, as Exact Editions sees it, is with books with more complex page layouts since they can be reproduced as seen in print. But then again, that all depends on the device being used.

As any lover of books can tell you, however, a picture of a book, or a page, is not the same as the book itself. But it is a waste of time to tell that to those who think a PDF is some sort of magical thing.

Here is Exact Edition’s announcement for their new digital book service:

London, UK – May 12, 2016 — Exact Editions, has today launched a brand new digital books service. In partnership with four publishers, Exact Editions are using their expertise to deliver books in a new digital format, specifically aimed at the institutional market.

EE-books-feature-300The service launches with a range of books for the academic market, with titles across a variety of genres: history, literature, poetry, ecology, sociology and biography, published by Carcanet, Seren, Liverpool University Press, and Permanent Publications.

The Exact Editions platform offers access seamlessly across web, iOS and Android native apps. Each book has an individual sales page in the Exact Editions institutional shop, and can be browsed using Exact Editions state of the art web reader. The digital books are purchased with IP authenticated network access, including support for remote access, across mobile and web platforms, with unlimited usage for anyone at the institution.

Using Exact Editions expertise in digitising content, complex books can now be displayed with full respect to how they are intended to look in print. Each page appears exactly as it would on paper, with the added features of Exact Editions’ advanced search technology, smart linking capabilities, and institutional functionality.

When purchased, the institution will receive an Exact Edition of the book, as a perpetual access acquisition, including no limits on the usage of the book, and instant availability for all users. In this way publishers will be able to utilise Exact Editions’ experience in the institution market to deliver site-wide access in a way that has not previously been possible with digital book platforms.

The books available at launch on the new platform can be seen here.

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said about the launch: “The Exact Editions service is ideally suited to a books platform. Publishers will be able to see real revenue growth in selling books to institutions, while institutions will be able to provide an exact digital edition to all of their users. We are excited to be launching this service which is incredibly good value and delivers perpetual access to books that universities need”

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