May 2, 2016 Last Updated 1:51 pm

Digiday Media goes ‘Glossy’ with new online fashion publication

Digiday goes after the luxury market with new online brand which plans to combine tech, fashion and luxur, supplementing its online content with with podcasts and video

The the rise of income inequality it is hardly the case that the One Percent don’t have enough to read. But publishers see where the money is going and continue to launch publications targeting the luxury market.

Today, Digiday Media joined the crowded field, launching Glossy, a new online publication focusing on fashion and luxury.


“Fashion is at a tipping point. Digital is the divining rod guiding almost every decision right now: With online sales of luxury goods growing four times faster than offline, brands have been forced to adapt how they spend their money and their resources as well,” wrote managing editor Shareen Pathak, combining a couple clichés into one paragraph.

But you get the point, Glossy will try to combine tech with luxury, to see if they can capitalize on the interests of the wealthy online buyer.

“Digiday Media believes that technology is changing the fashion and luxury industries, from how products are made to how marketing is done. Glossy is the first Digiday Media brand to focus solely on fashion and luxury, and marks the media company’s official foray into the two industries,” said Nick Friese, CEO, Digiday Media, in an email to Digiday readers.

The new property will be supplemented with podcasts and video, but don’t be surprised to see events spring up, as well, as that is the way most media brands are surviving these days. For now, the site has launched without advertising.
Pulse magazine issue 1
Pathak joined Digiday in 2014 from Advertising Age, where she reported on the ad agency business. Joining her to edit Glossy will be senior reporter Hilary Milnes, who has been retail reporter at Digiday, and junior reporter Bethany Biron, who has just joined Digiday after being a contributor at HelloGiggles (which was recently acquired by Time Inc.)

Digiday also recently announced that it would be publishing a quarterly print magazine called Pulse, with senior editor Lucia Moses getting the editor’s column duties.

The first issue was 32 pages and has a single sponsor, the programmatic ad company PulsePoint*. The digital edition is a downloadable PDF replica. I do not see a digital edition app as of yet.

A third Digiday brand is in the works, according the WSJ story on the Glossy launch.

* The article originally stated there was no paid advertising in the issue.

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