April 27, 2016 Last Updated 2:49 pm

Media app updates: Google updates line of iOS apps including Google Play Books

The UK newspaper The Independent, now digital-only, has issued a bug fix update for its new PugPig built app, and Microsoft updates its mobile business news app, News Pro

There were a large dump of app updates today, most of which were admittedly only for bug fixes. But a few include some interesting additions.

GoogleBooks-newiconGoogle updated by far the largest number of apps. The updates include Google Play Books which has a new logo – which looks a lot like the old icon if you ask me, only more abstract. Honestly, it makes you pine for the old says when Steve Jobs insisted on skeuomorphic design.

Other Google apps updated include Google Maps, Inbox by Gmail, Snapseed and YouTube.

Amazon updated Amazon Music and Amazon Video today. The music app is about Offline Music Mode, while the video app update is about bug fixes and an updated user interface.

The Economist for iPhone and The Economist for iPad received bug fix updates.

Microsoft’s mobile news app for business news, News Pro received an update to fix a log-in issue.

The UK newspaper The Independent has updated its new app, The Independent Daily Edition to fix some stability issues. In February the newspaper launched a new version of the app, one built using the PugPig digital publishing platform (see story here). Then two days later the newspaper announced that it had sold off its tabloid paper, the “i”, to Johnston Press, and that it would go digital-only, shuttering its print edition in March.

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