April 19, 2016 Last Updated 3:50 pm

‘Publish to Apple News’ plug-in updated, Washington Post mobile app adds comics section

App Updates: The New York Times mobile app, as well as digital publishing platform apps from Texture, Glose and Kobo Books are all updated to fix bugs and/or add minor improvements

Those publishers who had hoped that there would be an easy way to move content from their WordPress websites to Apple News looked forward to the introduction of a plug-in to accomplish the feat. Early trials – of both the plug-in and Apple News itself – were disappointing.

For TNM and its yet-to-be-officially-launched experimental website (more on that soonish) the solution has been to manually input content, but not to worry too much about it as traffic numbers remain inconsequential except for those rate occasions when a story is promoted by Apple.

But the Publish to Apple News plug-in has been updated a few times since its introduction, including the release of version 1.0.8 today.

What appears to work best, if you are to use the plug-in solution, is to make sure your designs mimic the look of Apple News. That means a simplified design, with images inline rather that aligned so that text wraps the graphic. That may not suit all websites, of course.

Newspaper app updates:

The Washington Post, the newish app developed first for the Kindle Fire, then released on other platforms, has been updated, bring the app up to version 1.6.

“Comics readers, this one is for you<” the app description reads. “We’ve added your favorite funnies as a new section to the app. (Just can’t wait to read them? Jump to Comics via the menu.)”

There were also bug fixes and breaking news alert preferences are now available in Settings.

Both The New York Times mobile app and Star Touch by Toronto Star were updated for bug fixes and minor improvements.

Digital publishing platform app updates:

The Kobo Reading App, the Texture digital newsstand app from Next Issue Media, and the Glose social eBook reading app were all updated for bug fixes and minor improvements.

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