April 12, 2016 Last Updated 12:54 pm

Condé Nast’s The New Yorker magazine launches a new iPhone app: The New Yorker Today

The new app will offer constantly refreshed content, much of it free for all readers, though loyal readers currently not subscribing to the print magazine have the option to buy a monthly subscription to the new iPhone edition

The Condé Nast magazine The New Yorker has launched a new iPhone app called The New Yorker Today which will be offering its contents free for readers for a limited time, and free forever for subscribers, the editors promise.

The New Yorker magazine iPhone appThe app new is free to download and to use for one month, then after the free trial period, all readers will continue to be able to read a “select number of articles per month” without running into a paywall, which subscribers who log in will not run into. If a reader, currently not subscribing to the print magazine wants full access, they will need to subscribe at the rate of $8.99 per month, just like an old Newsstand app.

The new app is iPhone only right now. The magazine still has its digital edition app, The New Yorker Magazine, live in the App Store. That app is universal (works on both the iPhone and iPad).

“Although our values and sense of rigor are unchanged, we’ve made every effort to embrace the technologies that make it easier for you to read and see our work,” the editors wrote online about the new app. “You can read us via Facebook or Twitter, or inside of Flipboard, or because someone sent you a link on WhatsApp. You can read us through our home page, or via an endless social-media stream. But, more and more, and wherever you are, you’re likely to be reading us on a mobile phone. In fact, one of our pleasant discoveries in recent years is that our readers will finish even our longest pieces—as much as ten and fifteen thousand words—on their phones.”

“The stories in the main feed are selected by our editors, and it’s updated constantly. The app is available right now on iPhones, and everything, for a while at least, is free. If you’re already a digital subscriber, or you’ve linked your print subscription to our Web site, it’ll be free forever once you log in.”

The New Yorker has been far less effected by the decline in newsstand sales, and print generally, than many other legacy titles. The magazine currently has a rate base of 1,025,000, actually slight above where it was a a few years ago. And although newsstand sales have decreased somewhat over the last few years, digital readership is at around 87K and has not seen the kind of declines that other digital editions have since Apple stopped maintaining the Newsstand.

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