April 11, 2016 Last Updated 2:20 pm

Media app updates: Tribune Publishing releases bug fix updates for its newspaper apps

Microsoft updates business-oriented ‘News Pro’ mobile app touting ‘refreshed design’ and new ‘Trending Now’ section; Google issues update for Google Play Newsstand

Tribune Publishing has issued app updates for its portfolio of newspaper apps. The update states that it is for bug fixes and stability improvements. The update comes about two weeks after a major update for the apps that added new features such as a new FAQ section.

LAT-iPad-4-11-16The newspaper apps update includes those for the Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

Things have been a bit quiet with Tribune Publishing since it announced that it had won the bankruptcy auction for the assets of Freedom Communications. Tribune really wanted to win that one as they already owned the LA Times and San Diego Union Tribune, so adding the Orange County Register right between the two properties would have been huge for them.

But the Feds stepped in to put a stop to the deal, with the result that Digital First Media ended up with the prize. It is doubtful that either publisher really could afford the deal, but both likely felt that they couldn’t afford not to try and win the prize.

The other major newspaper app updated today is for La Presse+, the tablet app for the French Canadian daily which went digital-only on weekdays starting with the first of this year. The update is for the usual bug fixes.

Google issued a whole slate of app updates today, most minor. The one of interest here is likely the update for Google Play Newsstand:

What’s New in Version 3.6
• Content and navigation improvements for languages that read right to left.
• Improved support for displaying Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
• Additional bug fixes and performance improvements.

Finally, Microsoft has updated its News Pro mobile app.

The last thing the world needs is yet another news aggregation app, but Microsoft tries to make their app a little different by concentrating on business. Nonetheless, there are only a few user reviews inside iTunes for the app, with opinions pretty even split. But I did notice that one complaint about the app is that there is only business news inside. Very perceptive of the reviewer, don’t you think>

What’s New in Version 1.2
•A refreshed design across the entire app. We hope you like it.
•New “Trending Now” section in Explore tab. You will not miss any popular news results while enjoying hyper relevant personal news.
•New “News Near You” section in Explore tab keeps you in the know while on the go.
•Introducing “Leader’s News” that helps you track industry leaders easier

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