April 6, 2016 Last Updated 8:27 am

NY Daily News goes after Sanders position on guns following editorial board interview

Morning Brief: Developers continue to complain about Apple’s update to its mobile app version of iTunes Connect; Mag+ updates its previewer app Mag+ Designd Reviewer

If presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders thought he’d receive favorable coverage from the Daily News after agreeing to an interview with its editorial board he was dead wrong. Today the New York tabloid ignored the primary in Wisconsin and went after Sanders with a front page regarding his stance on guns. The front page comes after a series of front pages attacking Republican candidate Donald Trump, showing Trump as a clown in one front page illustration.

DN-BS-guns“Presidential populist Bernie Sanders came under blistering fire Tuesday for opposing efforts by families of Sandy Hook shooting victims to sue gun manufacturers,” the Daily News said.

The Daily News on Monday had released the transcript of its interview with Sanders, and by and large the media reacted negatively, accusing Sanders of being light on details concerning how he would ‘break up the banks’ – a major position the Senator has built his campaign theme around.

Sanders, in an exclusive interview with the Daily News last week, said, “No, I don’t,” when asked if victims of a crime with a gun should be able to sue the manufacturer.

His Democratic rival and her Connecticut supporters took aim at the upstart, saying the Vermont senator was out of touch on the issue after the full transcript of his remarks were released Tuesday.

“I was against it, and he was for it, to give immunity from liability to gunmakers and sellers,” front-runner Hillary Clinton told supporters at a campaign event at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn. “We can reverse this, and 92% of Americans and 85% of gun owners agree that we should.”

The front page attack on the Senator comes the day after Sanders won a big victory in Wisconsin, beating her rival Hillary Clinton by over 13 percent points. This Saturday comes the Wyoming caucuses which should be good ground from Sanders, as well.

But after than comes the New York primary on April 19, then a strong of primaries in the Northeast: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, states where there is strong support for gun control.

Developers continue to complain about the latest update from Apple for its mobile app for iTunes Connect. The app was updated last week and since then users have complained of app crashes.

“I wish I worked at Apple so I could redo this app to be as usual and powerful as the web version of iTunes Connect,” wrote one user in iTunes.

Besides crashes, users also complain that one cannot sign into the app since the update (TNM has not updated their own version of the app to avoid these issues, so I cannot confirm the reviews.)

The digital publishing platform Mag+ has updated its previewer app called Mag+ Designd Reviewer.

What’s New in Version 6.2.0
– Customize the slideshow indicator colors
– Fix for sharing screenshot not including HTML blocks
– Fix for audio that was stopped sometimes auto playing when bringing the app back to the foreground

Like several other digital publishing platforms that have stopped concentrating on digital publishers, I have not heard anything from Mag+ in probably a year. Whether anyone is still choosing to use the platform for their digital editions in unknown. Too bad, it was a good alternative to Adobe, but like many other software companies they have chosen to look elsewhere for new business.

Sadly, this is true pretty much of the entire technology business these days. Looking at the publishing trade publications I see very little marketing support being targeted at our industry. This is likely why Publishing Executive this year chose to shutter its print magazine. At least in the U.S., the future of trade industry coverage for the publishing business looks bleak.

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