April 6, 2016 Last Updated 6:06 am

Nature Publishing Group releases new digital edition apps for Scientific American and Scientific American Mind

The new apps will replace the former mobile and tablet apps which used the Adobe DPS platform, with the new apps using the Pugpig digital publishing platform from Kaldor

The one digital publishing platform that seems to be making a bit of noise this day is Pugpig. The company is always sending me news of new apps from publishers, each of which is worth downloading and reading. Just this week TNM wrote about the new app for The Drum (see here).

This time the company has let me know about new apps for Scientific American and Scientific American Mind, both released into both the Apple App Store, with an Android version promised in the future.

SA-iPad-iPhoneThe last time I mentioned Nature Publishing Group was in July of 2012 when they introduced a native digital edition app for Scientific American. The article was rather short, likely because four years ago publishers releasing native digital edition apps was not that unusual as far more publishers then were enthusiastic about tablet publishing than the number today.

But there are still publishers who think producing readable, well-designed digital editions is still a good idea.

“I’m delighted to offer our readers a faster reading experience without lengthy downloads, as well as making each monthly edition available on iPhone for the first time, letting them enjoy each edition more easily than ever before,” Mariette DiChristina, Editor in Chief and Senior VP at Scientific American said.

The previous apps used the Adobe DPS platform, so the folks at Kaldor, who own the Pugpig platform, should be happy that yet another publisher is now utilizing their platform.

“For myself and many of my team, Scientific American was the iconic magazine when we were growing up. We’re all delighted and very proud to now have our technology powering these apps,” said Jon Marks, CTO and co-founder of Kaldor. “A special thank you to Mariette and her team for making the first part of our journey together a most enjoyable one, and we’re really looking forward to continually improving the apps together.”

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