April 4, 2016 Last Updated 2:01 pm

Time Inc.’s GOLF magazine launches free swing tip mobile app: GOLF Fix Finder

The app was released for both iOS and Android and offers instructional videos, a library for saving tips and videos, and a ‘Golf 101’ glossary for golf novices

Time Inc. today released a new free app for its GOLF magazine brand called GOLF Fix Finder, designed to help readers improve their golf game.

GolfFix-iPhone-380The app has been released for iOS and Android and utilizes the network of GOLF’s Top 100 Teachers in America with 140 video lessons and drills.

“While the Internet does not lack for swing tips, it’s not easy for golfers to find credible game-improvement advice customized to their specific faults in the easy and intuitive way that our free app delivers advice,” said Golf.com Executive Editor Alan Bastable. “With Fix Finder, it’s as if you’re getting a personalized lesson on the practice tee. It’s going to make you better.”

In addition to instructional videos, the app offers perceptive fault-diagnosing technology, “My Lessons” library to save the user’s favorite tips, drills and videos for offline viewing, the ability to share tips through Facebook, Twitter and email, and a “Golf 101” glossary that helps beginners with swing lingo.

“Here’s how Fix Finder works,” Bastable wrote online. “Let’s say you’re consistently blocking your irons to the right. Open the app, and you’re presented with a menu of categories: Driving, Irons, Wedges, Greenside Bunkers, Putting, you name it.”

“If you like the tip, you can favorite it and save it for offline viewing. If you really like the tip, with the tap of a button you can share it with your golf buddies via text, email or social media channels.”

“We’re proud to present this brand new video-first digital product that was developed using GOLF’s first-in-class expertise and network,” said Patty Hirsch, Digital GM of Time Inc.’s Sports Group. “Fix Finder offers something new to the marketplace that not only will resonate with our readers and students of the game but presents a whole new range of opportunities for us to work with our clients in the digital video space.”

The official launch sponsors at launch are Adidas, Geico and Srixon.

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