March 23, 2016 Last Updated 2:19 pm

European newspapers dedicate front pages to memorialize victims of Belgium attacks

Morning Brief: Tuesday primary contests end as expected, while Sen. Cruz is said to be receiving a most unexpected endorsement today from establishment GOP favorite Jeb Bush

The day began with word from Belgium that the third airport bomber, the one that did not die in a suicide explosion, had been arrested. Najim Laachraoui was reported arrested in the south-west Brussels suburb of Anderlecht, according to Belgian media sources. Then media outlets were forced to rescind the report as police said it was another man, not the third suspect that had been arrested. The Guardian and others who have been live blogging the news were forced to issue a retraction and apology, while those that had waited for confirmation wrote nothing about either the reported arrest or the correction.

This morning newspaper readers will be presented with a paper dominated by news of the terrorist attack that resulted in 31 deaths (some sources are saying the number is 34), and while print newspapers no longer can inform their readers as to the latest news the way their websites can, front page design can still convey a powerful message.

Of the many newspapers, I believe these are especially noteworthy:

The only surprise from last night’s primary or caucus contests in Arizona, Idaho and Utah was that there were no surprises. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had wide leads in Arizona going into yesterday and the results confirmed that. But Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Bernie Sanders was expected to win Utah and that was the way it played out.

This morning comes word that former governor Jeb Bush will be endorsing Cruz today, something no one would have thought likely just a month or so ago. (It is still hard to believe.)

Apple released an update to its mobile operating system on Monday, iOS 9.3, and those that thought the update was a bit buggy may not have been seeing things. I thought I had updated an iPad mini on Monday, only to see that I needed to do it again on Tuesday. Hadn’t the update been installed?

Now comes reports that owners of older iPads have been experiencing issues with the update. One thought is that the issue involves over the air updates that fail to make it through the authentication process, with the fix supposedly being doing the update while plugged into a Mac and doing the update through iTunes. But I encountered the issue using this method.

In the end, the problem seems to be on Apple’s end, with their servers not always responding to the authentication request. The issue appears to be sporadic, so if you are having troubles hang in there. If you encounter a problem and it appears your device is bricked try a restore.

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