March 22, 2016 Last Updated 3:37 pm

App updates for publishing platform apps, and more

From Scribd and Flipboard, to Google, Twitter and Amazon, a large number of updates were released in the past 24 hours to take care of issues following Apple’s release of iOS 9.3

A number of news apps from platform companies updated their apps today, as well as at least one magazine publisher that apparently had forgotten to activate pinch-to-zoom for their PDF replica app.

Were the large number of app updates due to yesterday’s release of iOS 9.3 by Apple? Probably not, though it can’t be completely discounted. As developers know, it takes a while to get something through Apple’s system, and things seem to be getting worse in that regard (talk to those trying to work with the Apple News team).

The eBook and audiobook app from Scribd was updated today to fix several performance issues, as well as introduce a Scribd Select section.

Hyper, the daily video content app, has been updated to version 1.7 (that tells you how new it is) to bring in new branding, as well as fix bugs.

Two music streaming apps were updated: Amazon Music and Spotify, both for bug fixes.

Google released a couple of updates. One is for its YouTube iOS app to add iPad related features such as split view and slide over. Google also update its email app, Inbox by Gmail, for bug fixes.

Another minor bug fix update was for the content aggregation magazine app Flipboard.

A bit bigger update was for NPR News, which has a longer list of bug fixes that it needed to take care of:

What’s New in Version 3.9.7
Update 3.9.7 brings the following fixes and updates:

  • Fixed: Pesky push notification delivery issue. Make sure you have notifications enabled to get our breaking news alerts
  • Fixed: VoiceOver now successfully reads the entirety of every story instead of just the first line
  • Fixed: Entering a zip code greater than or less than 5 digits no longer causes the app to crash
  • Other minor stability and performance improvements

Rodale needed to update its digital edition app for Women’s Health in order to add in pinch-to-zoom. Of course, readers wouldn’t need pinch-to-zoom if the app would deliver a readable copy, but it doesn’t – it’s a PDF replica, so pinch-to-zoom is necessary. I can’t wait for publishers to be so cheap that they make their art directors print their magazines with 4 point type, requiring pinch-to-zoom to be read. It would be only fair, digital readers would argue.

Finally, Twitter today released the first app update for its app analytics app Fabric.

The app has gotten generally very good marks inside the App Store, but there have been some gltiches, too, so the need for an update.

What’s New in Version 1.1.0
Hey, how’s your day going?
We are starting to settle in to a release cadence.

– Find out when issues are starting to impact a significant number of sessions in a short period of time with the newly supported velocity alerts.
– Easily pick out the things that absolutely need your attention from the list with our updated notification icon colors.

And we fixed a few sulky crashes and issues like:
– We disabled the 3D touch peek/pop gesture across the app since it was causing the app to get stuck for some people.
– We made sure the day of the week in the Top issues matched your timezone.
– With your help, we caught the discrepancy in the % change delta number not always being on point.

Finding out about crashes in our app after getting alerted from the app still feels so meta. 🙂

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  • Karen H 2 years ago

    Bad news about the update though, they DELETED everyone’s offline data. Books, notes, personal documents, audiobooks, etc. They were changing to a ‘new business model’ and did not think through it professionally. The ‘fix’ also ensured that they removed any books customers had been reading under the previous ‘business model’. Not impressed at all. I suggest anyone thinking about updating to refrain if they want to keep their offline data. Deleting customer’s offline data without any notice is not okay. If it had been Amazon people would be seething. They even deleted offline audiobooks I had purchased with credits that were supposed to be there forever. I’m not the only one if you visit twitter, it was across the board. It was a nasty surprise to find myself at the airport without any of my offline data and no internet access. I cancelled. Loved them, told my friends and this is the result to longtime customers? The app update is no onwards movement. Somehow I see this not being published as Scribd is trying to keep this quiet. They tell people to email customer service when questioned publicly to be told tough and given the option to cancel their membership! This is not how you treat customers.