March 21, 2016 Last Updated 4:33 pm

App Updates: Quartz released first update for its new iPhone app; Washington Post and La Presse+ bug fix updates

Both CBC News and the Glose eBook platform app have received minor bug fix updates, while other apps such as Netflix also received minor updates

The new iPhone app from Quartz received its first app update today. The update is mostly about performance improvements as well as fixing at least one typo:

What’s New in Version 1.1
Thanks so much for using Quartz for iPhone. Your enthusiasm and feedback about version 1.0 have been incredible. We can’t use emoji in release notes, so… [Person With Folded Hands]. Here are the noticeable changes in version 1.1 of the app:

Speed! Now, when starting up the app, there’s no time to brace yourself for the news. It’ll get going much faster than before, saving you entire seconds. This is by far the most important change in the new version. Enjoy. [High Voltage Sign]

Stability! We fixed several bugs. For instance, if you tapped a very specific spot on the settings screen, the app would crash for reasons we frankly never figured out. But it no longer happens, so let’s never speak of it again. We also addressed other issues that were causing some users to crash. [Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed]

Fewer typos! On the settings screen, “receive” was previously spelled “recieve” because someone forgot, “I before E except after C or when hundreds of thousands of people will see it.” [Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat]

Oh, and also! The markets haiku / Now updates reliably / Inside the Watch app. [Raised Hand With Part Between Middle and Ring Fingers]

The Washington Post has issued updates to both its “Classic” app for the iPad, as well as it newer app.

The Washington Post Classic for iPad fixes a log-in issue with Facebook, as well as a crash bug.

The new app, simply called The Washington Post, which was originally released for the Kindle Fire, received a bug fix update.

The other newspaper app to get an update was La Presse+ which was a minor bug fix update.

The update for CBC News brings the app up to version 3.3.8 and fixes some issues involving captions.

Finally, Glose, the social eBook reader, has issued a minor bug fix update.

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