March 17, 2016 Last Updated 6:57 am

Journalist strike at Fairfax Media newspapers following staff reduction announcement

Morning Brief: Management’s surprise announcement today that 120 newsroom positions would be eliminated leads to vote by journalists to strike until Monday

The publisher of Australian newspapers The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald announced today the intention to cut 120 newsroom staff positions in an effort, the company said, to make the newsrooms “more efficient in producing quality journalism.”

According to Lisa Visentin, a reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald, the strike vote at the paper was “was overwhelming in favour of striking. Only 4 against. Journos are angry.”

The reaction was a work stoppage as journalists voted to strike until Monday.

“We are operating in an ever-changing highly competitive media environment which involves rapid evolution of our publishing model,” said Fairfax Media CEO Greg Hywood. “The initiatives we have proposed today are part of that adaptation and are necessary to sustain high quality journalism.”

Other properties effected by the strike besides The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, include The Canberra Times, the Brisbane Times and The Australian Financial Review.

The NY Post is reporting that Modern Luxury Media, which serves the segment of Americans who can afford luxury goods these days, is planning on launching two new titles. It recently launched an edition for Silicon Valley.

“We expect to launch two more titles in the coming months,” CEO Michael Dickey told Keith Kelly.

Kelly also got Dickey to confirm that the company continues to consider a merger with the other publisher of free magazines for the filthy rich, Niche Media. Think of it as inbreeding.

AquafadasViewer-featureAquafadas has issued a major update to its previewer app, Aquafadas Viewer:

What’s New in Version 4.3
– Audio and Video send tinCan statements.
– Better handle of rotation in monorientation Zave and enrichement in fullscreen.
– The app ask for access to the localization when using the map enrichement.
– Handle ZZish.
– PDFReader handle Anchor activation actions.
– Multi drag’n drop handle persistence.
– On iOS9 the web fullscreen use the new safari view.
– PDFReader support read aloud feature.
– Reader top bar handle popup actions.
– Better customization of share message.Bugfixes:
– Fix in draw enrichement.
– Fix in dot2dot enrichment with first dot bounce.
– Fix Spot the difference game.
– Fix some issues with search in arabic texts.
– Fix the goToAnchor action in the sublayout in Mag Next Gen.
– Fix guided reading which could block at the end of a spread.
– Fix some weird behavior of the PDFReader scrollView deceleration.
– Fix the bookmark/note exit button on iPhone interface.
– Fix animated comics reader layout.

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